16+ best Android backup applications

For this list, we’ll take a look at the best Android backup applications.

Fortunately, there are many ways to back up your files and applications.

1. Super backup (free and paid version)

Super Backup is a quick and free backup tool for your Android phone that can back up and restore phone data. You can also back up applications and settings (with root) and automate backups with programming.

Backup copies can be saved to the SD card, internal storage, PC or Gmail (although that would be awkward for anything other than phone data), as well as in Google Drive. As an additional advantage, Super Backup offers all its functionality for free, with a purchase eliminating ads.

Download for Android: Super Backup

2. MOBILedit (Payment)

MOBILedit is a desktop application that comes with a variety of phone management features to copy data to and from your phone, including contacts, photos, multimedia files and the file system of your Android or iOS phone.

The application also includes backup features, with options for backup of low-level devices or more selective data backups, with options for telephone data stored in the cloud that can be easily migrated to new phones. MOBILedit is a fairly complete set of phone management, but it has a fairly high price for the basic version that works for two phones on a single computer, with six months of updates.

Download for ios: MOBILedit

3. SMS Backup & Restore (Free)

If you are most concerned about SMS messages and call logs, see Backup and restore SMS, which stores your messages and call records in XML format, which can be backed up locally or in the cloud.

Users can schedule automatic backups, selectively backup and restore specific conversations, and transfer SMS and call logs to another phone via email or Wi-Fi. While the application is not as complete as other backup options, it is a simple and easy way to keep an additional copy of your text messages and call logs.

Download for Android: SMS Backup & Restore

4. Dropbox (Free)

If your main concern is with documents, photos and multimedia files instead of a backup of your contacts, SMS and other phone details, you may already have cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

The pioneer of cloud storage offers synchronized storage with multiple devices in the cloud for everything from documents to photos and other important files, with automatic backups and 2 GB of online storage (expandable through promotions or premium plans). Premium subscribers get additional benefits, such as more storage, file version control features and encryption. It will not endorse things like application installers or application data, but Dropbox is a great solution for making simple backups in the cloud of your documents.

Download for ios: Dropbox

Download for android: Dropbox

5. Titanium Backup ★ root

Do you have a rooted Android device or are you thinking of rooting it? Titanium Backup is a reliable workhorse for Android backups, with the free version that allows you to backup and restore applications and application data such as contacts, SMS records and more in internal storage, with practical batch actions that automate Many common tasks.

The premium version adds a series of powerful features, such as backups in the cloud and restoration in the cloud. You can also automate your backup schedules, selectively backup items, and then move your backup data to an SD card. All this barely scratches the surface of Titanium’s capabilities, which also include the ability to remove bloatware, hibernate applications and more.

Download for Android: Titanium Backup

6. My Backup (free and offers purchase)

My Backup is a reliable application backup and management tool for Android devices. My Backup provides application backup features, with automated scheduling, cloud backups and more.

Although My Backup works well on unrooted phones, the true potential of the application is unlocked when you run it on a rooted phone, allowing you to back up not only applications, but also data and application settings, such as games saved, market links. and more. A free 30-day trial version lets you demonstrate the application.

Download for Android: My Backup

7. Syncios (Free)

Unlike other backup applications, SyncDroid is a two-part affair, with a mobile application and a Windows program that is responsible for backing up and restoring contacts, SMS, call logs, audio files and video of your Android device.

Users can set up backup copies and transfer them via wired or Wi-Fi connections, as well as through the cloud, and can also schedule backups with data restoration managed through the application. SyncDroid will not back up application applications and data, but for phone details like your SMS and call records, as well as multimedia files, it is a correct solution.

Download for Andriod : SyncDroid

8. Helium App Sync and Backup (Free)

The excellent application Helium – App Sync & Backup is the entry of ClockworkMod in the space of mobile backup applications.

Like the best backup applications, Helium allows you to back up applications, data, contacts, SMS and your call log. But unlike many backup applications, Helium can do all this without the need to root your device.

Users will have to install an additional desktop application to work with the mobile application when connecting to a PC. A premium version offers cloud loading of backups, scheduling backups and no ads.

Download for Android: Helium – App Sync & Backup

9. Google photos (free)

Sometimes, you’re not looking to back up everything on your phone. If your main concern is making a backup of your photos, one of the best options is the Google Photos service.

Users can store an unlimited number of high quality photos synchronized in the cloud in their Google account, as well as up to 15GB of original resolution photos in their Google Drive space. In addition to the generous storage terms, Google Photos includes a smart search tool to find familiar objects, places and occasions, and a smart album assistant and basic photo editing tools. Users who take photos of one of the new Pixel smartphones will also get the added benefit of unlimited cloud storage for videos and original resolution images.

Download for Andoid: Google Photos

10. G Cloud Backup (Free)

If you do not want to keep the application data, but are more concerned with photos, music, videos, contacts and call logs, try GCloud Backup. Users create a GCloud account, which provides 1 GB of free backup space (expandable with actions or premium subscriptions), and then all you need to do is select from a checklist what you want to do, and the App does the work, backup data automatically to your GCloud account. Backup copies can be automated according to schedules and a variety of triggers, and a cloud gallery allows you to view the media from your cloud account.

Download for Android: GCloud

11. dr.fone – Recovery, Transfer and Backup

Applications play a vital role in our phones and tablets with Android, and for that reason, keeping applications secure is the most important thing.

Here is dr.fone that can back up applications with data from your Android phone application or tablet without imperfections. With dr.fone – Backup & Resotre (Android), you can easily preview and export any selective data to your computer or laptop with just one click. It also provides you with the function in which you can restore the data to any Android device.

Download for Android: dr.fone – Backup & Resotre

12. Dumpster recycling bin

Sometimes, you just can not help it. You slip and accidentally erase something important like a treasured photo or file. Dumpster is sold as the Android equivalent of a desktop Recycle Bin, allowing users to recover deleted images, videos and music files, as well as uninstalled applications. The deleted files are sent to Dumpster, allowing recovery, or you can throw them away, freeing up space for new content.

The garbage container allows users to preview the items that will be recovered, includes password / PIN protection and can automatically flush old files in the garbage container after a certain period of time. There is the option to empty your old files in the Dumpster cloud service, which allows online backups.

Download for Android: Dumpster

13. Google Drive (Free)

Almost everyone is familiar with this powerful application. One of the best parts of Drive is that you can easily access it on your computer or on any other device. True Google cloud storage will never disappoint you with its fast and reliable service. You can transfer different types of data to your disk and you can open it with other platforms such as Google Docs or Google Photos.

Create folders to fork your data or simply share them with others while you move. All this makes Google Drive a preferred Android backup application. Use Google’s reliable service to back up your data without any problem.

Download for android: Google Drive

14. Backup of your mobile (Free)

Backup Your Mobile is a free Android backup tool that has something for root and regular users. The application allows users to back up a variety of phone data, such as SMS, MMS and call records, contacts, dictionary and more, as well as user applications and some system settings. Root users can back up even more items from their phone, such as application data, WiFi passwords, and other secure system settings. Backup copies can be automatically programmed and stored locally or uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Download for Android: Backup Your Mobile

15. App Backup – Easy and Fast! (Free)

Application backup: easy and fast lives up to its name by functioning as a quick backup tool of the Android application to back up, install and uninstall APK files on your Android smartphone.

That said, it’s an application that does not work with root access, so it does not allow you to back up and save your application data at all. You can use this to back up your applications quickly and then reinstall them in a new phone, but it will not take things like saving game data or media along with it.

Download for Android: App Backup – Easy and Fast

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