15+ Best applications for background movement – Photo motion – cinemagraph

These applications generate movement in the background of your images, with small elements that move while the rest of the image remains static, like clouds moving in the sky, clothes moving, smoke moving.

example background animation

Although you can create these effects manually, it will require impressive expertise, lots of practice and experience if you are using a regular photo editor. However, there are some practical applications for smartphones app that can help you create amazing motion effects without much effort. Even a beginner can download them and start creating great images.

Let’s take a look at the following collection of 10 of the best applications of Photo motion – cinemagraph.

15. XEFX – Photo Animator

XEFX - Photo AnimatorPresent your photos with a movement and special effects of augmented reality.

Transform photos into videos with bright loops or GIFs. You can also set it as cell phone wallpaper.

You can use dynamic effects so that your moving picture stands out from the crowd.

– More than 200 effects are found: flower crown flower, heart cabin filter, virtual lighter, smoking effect, light effects, granulated filters, brightness effects, brightness effects, brightness effect, snow effect, animated text and some pixa loop photo effects, etc. 
– Movement in the photos: create cinemagraph with animated effects, effects of nature to beautify the images. Stunning effects of moving video and photos. 
– Add animated text: add some animated text in the photos. The best creator of text animation! 
– Photo editor: cut out the story with square size or with other sizes for social networks. Or do not crop your photos.
– HD Wallpaper: make a live 3D photo with effects and then configure it as a live wallpaper. Fireworks, waterfall, aquarium background and wallpapers.

Download for iPhone: XEFX 

Download for Android: XEFX 

14. Loop.er Video.s Photo Animator

Loop.er Video.s Photo AnimatorFor a rather long and complicated name, this is really a very easy application to use. You just have to upload your video and draw the picture you want to animate. Then, apply some filters if you wish and save the cinemagraph on your phone or share it directly.

The application adds your watermark to all the created cinemagraphs, but you can eliminate it with a purchase of $ 1.99 in the application.

Download for iphone: Loop.er Video.s

13. PICOO camera

PICOO CameraWith the PICOO camera, you just have to select an area on the screen you want to animate and then shoot the video for an amazing cinemagraph. You can use a square or circular pattern to select the area or draw a custom area with your finger.

Okay, the result may not be perfect in some situations, but the PICOO camera does a good job in most cases. In addition to that, it also comes with filters to further embellish your cinemagraphs.

Download for iPhone: PICOO

Download for Android: PICOO

12. Photo motion, Cinemagraph: Moving picture maker

Photo motion, CinemagraphThis is an application with which we can give effect of movement and a cinemagraph that gives life to your photos, now you can apply Motion Stills and natural movements to the photos.

You can add a fantastic cinemagraph effect to the images, simply select any area of ​​the image and add the motion and cinemagraph effect to it. Take pictures with movement right now!

You can also add motion blur with an immersive GIF video, this is one of the best applications to take live photos.

Combine still images with overlapping videos to create amazing cinemagraphs and Combine photos with overlapping videos, moving videos to create amazing visual effects like cinemagraph, gifs with double exposure or magical portraits in movement.

Download for Android: Photo motion, Cinemagraph

11. VUO – Cinemagraph

VUO - CinemagraphWith VUO cinemagraph, you can play videos with still images, you can also share your creativities and visual stories on social networks.

Cinemagraphs, Live photo and Photo in Motion are normal photos that contain some mobile components in a perfect loop.

VUO offers you the easiest and simplest way to create vivid images with Cinemagraph and Live Photo effect with a multitude of available templates and constant updates. Just download them and create your art photos with Cinemagraph.

Download for Android: VUO

10. Cinemagraph

CinemagraphIt is a reliable application to create cinemagraphs, but it does not come with a stabilizer. Therefore, you should use a tripod for your smartphone or make sure you have some kind of support so you do not have an unstable video. As in other applications on this list, you must draw an area that you want to animate and then take the video.

Interestingly, the Cinemagraph app allows you to edit your cinemagraph frame by frame. You can add multiple types of filters and customize the animation in each frame. You can also touch the focus object to quickly create a cinemagraph of a focused element.

Download for Android: cinemagraphs

9. PixaMotion: photo animator and video creator

PixaMotionThe PixaMotion application is a “creator of moving images” that allows you to create photos with movement from a static

Make your photos come to life with animated effects through the “PixaMotion Photo Motion editor and animator”.

PixaMotion gives life to your photos, applying a fantastic animation effect and creating filters in the images.

You can also create natural movements to your images, also popularly known as the Cinemagraph effect.

Download for iphone: PixaMotion 

Download for Android: PixaMotion

8. Zoetropic (free)

Zoetropic The Photo in Motion application offers tools that help you add fascinating effects to still images.

The 5 main tools are, movement tool, sequence tool, stabilization tool, selection tool and mask tool.

    • The sequence tool is used to add a sequential movement to the selected part of the image.
    • The stabilization tool prevents a certain point from moving. You just have to add points around the area and it will not move.
    • The selection tool erases all effects such as movement and stabilizations within the selected area.
    • The mask tool prevents the masked area within an image from moving.
    • The movement and stabilization tool can be used together to obtain the perfect movement of the rest of the image. Movement is also one of the most important tools, as it allows you to add movement to the selected area of ​​an image.

The edited images will be saved as video files and shared on different social media platforms.

Download for iphone: Zoetropic

Download for Android: Zoetropic

7. Cinemagraph – Photo Motion Editor

Cinemagraph - Photo Motion EditorCinemagraph Motion Photo Editor helps you imagine many scenes for your still photo, such as the movement of water, hot coffee with smoke, the movement of fire, the movement of clouds in the sky, hair flying in the wind, snowfall in the rainy season and many more. is.

The Live Photo & Video Animation application is one of the smart ways to turn your simple image into the amazing live image with more editing tools.

Cinemagraph Photo Effect is a free video effects application that lets you bring your photos to life, applying a fantastic image effect on the move and sharing with anyone.

The Motion Stunning video allows you to apply motion in the animation effect on a particular object, just select the area and give the direction for the motion blur GIF of immersive video.

Download for Android: Cinemagraph Motion Photo Editor

6. Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight PixaloopThe brilliant application can give life to any photo with its super cool animation technology.

Any element that you want to animate in your photo, you can do it. Whether it’s clothing, clouds, water, or even hair. The speed of the animation can also be adjusted in the Pixaloop application, which is great.

So far we have had a lot of fun playing with this application, turning ordinary images into absolute masterpieces. Pixaloop is definitely going to change our Instagram game, that’s for sure.

You can also animate elements to move in two different directions in the same photo, for example, two-way escalators.

Download for iPhone: Enlight Pixaloop

Download for Android: Enlight Pixaloop

5. Movepic – Motion and cinemagraph photo (free)

Movepic - Photo Motion & CinemagraphThis application has several animated effects and filters, is the easiest way to display the photos in a loop on social networks.

As for animation you can Anime anything in the photos by simply drawing a path and then adjusting the animation speed of the photo.

You can also make the river flow, the clouds move, the hair float, and even make the fire move; just unleash your imagination.

Download for iPhone: Movepic

Download for Android: Movepic

4. Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraph ProCinemagraph Pro is the professional level tool that the leading photographers, marketing professionals and agencies of the world use to create amazing cinemagraphs, the new and exciting visual medium that lives between the world of photography and video.

The Cinemagraphs are composed like a photo, but they contain a video movement perfectly in a loop that captures the attention, tells a deeper story and captivates audiences.

Download for Iphone: Cinemagraph Pro

3. StoryZ Photo motion (free)

StoryZ Photo motionThis free application allows you to easily add motion effects to any photo. There are two options: ripple or movement.

For the wave effect, choose the area where it should be added. You can add stabilization points in the image (where the effect will not be added). Once you get the basics, you can mask objects using touches and sliders – the masked areas also remain static.

The other option, movement, allows you to combine a photo and a video: choose one from each gallery and then superimpose the video in an area of ​​the photo. Each saved file will have a watermark that can be deleted with a premium account.

The application also has an integrated community for you to share your work. Some attempts are required to achieve the correct effect, so do not give up too soon.

Download for iphone: StoryZ Photo motion

Download for Android: StoryZ Photo motion

2. VIMAGE – Create and modify loop effects in your photos

VIMAGE - Create and modify your magical photosVimage is an application for Android and iOS that allows you to superimpose prefabricated loop animation effects in your photos to create a “living photo”, a hybrid of photo and video.

Live photos get the same benefit as short videos on social networks, such as greater engagement and longer viewing, but I think they are also a fun way to experiment with your photos and change your creative process.

The free version of Vimage allows you to superimpose an effect and create as many live photos as you want, but limits them to low resolution videos with a prominent watermark. Fortunately, there is a free 7-day trial version available that allows you to test professional features such as multiple effects, masking, premium content, watermark removal, and high-resolution video export (with 1280 × 852 resolution in the settings « high”).

The controls are fairly easy to use and understand, with the exception of the mask tool. Masking allows you to remove an effect from the areas of a photo where you do not want them to be.

Download for iPhone: Vimage

Download for Android: Vimage

1. Loopsie – Pixeloop Living Photos

Loopsie - Pixeloop Living PhotosLoopsie is a new application that allows you to quickly create cinematic loops directly from your Android or iOS smartphone. This type of capture is also known as a “living photo” because they look almost like a still image, but there is an aspect in it that is animated.

That could be, for example, objects in a nature photo that are moved by the wind or photos with water. The cinematographic media or “cinemagraphs” are not exactly new, but Loopsie made it really simple and convenient to capture a beautiful loop without planning or bringing your tripod and all that with you.

Download for iPhone: Loopsie

Download for Android: Loopsie

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