The 20+ best video recording applications for iPhone and Android

The camera of your average smartphone competes with dedicated digital cameras.

And compared to independent cameras that have even a couple of years, the newest iPhone and Android often appears at the top. Take advantage of the power of your pocket by updating the video recording application on your iPhone or Android device.

Often, paid applications will have tons of video enhancement features that you probably will not find in a free application, although anyone new to the business is probably more interested in a free download instead of paying $ 2.99 or more.

Some will argue that it is better to buy a digital camera instead of experimenting with the products that are displayed in the app stores; However, with so many sectors in progressive transition to mobile, our phones are the most powerful resource we have in our arsenal. The quality and definition of video playback and recording on our devices is widely attributed to developments in the gaming industry.

As mentioned above, many industries are actively investing and making the transition to mobile telephony due to the wide scope of the market that is available. Recently, we have seen the emergence of Pokémon Go between children and adults, grabbing their phones while chasing these characters as modern hunters.

We have also seen that historically rich games like Slingo move into a more technological era, adopting new dynamics to attract a more relevant audience. In summary, these games represent the need for video recording applications to continue to develop in line with the market in which they operate to continue to be successful in their given field.

With ongoing developments in mobile capabilities, the difference between the features of paid applications and free ones is almost minimal, and purchases within the application are available if you need to update. In addition, the quality of the videos is practically parallel to each other, since it maximizes the options in the free application.

1. Filmic pro (Android, payment iphone)

FiLMiC ProFilmic Pro is powerful, full of features and ready to align with any other video application and excel.

In addition to manual controls for virtually all functions, the application offers professional video camera features such as zebra stripes for exposure warnings, focus peaks and registration of gamma curves for the subsequent classification of colors.

You will also find more common features, such as frame rates of 24 to 240 and various file format options. The audio recording is equally professional, with granular controls and very good tools that experienced filmmakers can make the most of.

If you want to take video recording on your iPhone seriously, this is the application you need.

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2. Videon (payment iphone)

videonBe a professional with the Videon recording application. With a digital zoom function, Videon offers you the best zoom quality.

From capture to editing and viewing, this application has it all. If you can not think of anything beyond the videos, Videon is the application for you.

Its special features include:

  • Friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Intuitive zoom wheel in the lower right corner with real-time zoom control.
  • It has a varied resolution with HD resolution and 2.35: 1 movie format.
  • Frame rate adjustment available up to 120 fps
  • Set the focus point or exposure together or separately

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3. Camara MX (Android – Free)

Camera MXThis application will work for all Android smartphones regardless of the manufacturer. This application is compatible with the front and rear cameras.

It helps produce better quality graphics with its autofocus and automatic tuning optimized for sharp images even in low light.

Outstanding features:

    • When recording videos, this application allows you to easily apply and switch between various filters and effects in real time. These filters and effects are downloaded with the application for free, that is, without additional charge.
    • In camera mode, it has an interesting feature of Live Shot. This function captures a few moments before the actual photo is clicked and acts as a very short gif or video.
  • It has a color splash feature that allows you to highlight a single color when recording.

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4. Magisto (Android and iphone – free)

MagistoMagisto is currently being used by more than 80 million people for its effects of high quality video and its revolutionary recording technology. There are even commercial functions that allow you to add videos with commercial license and your company logo. It also takes incredible photos that you can also include in your movies.

What we like most about Magisto:

As for the free video recording applications, the Magisto packages have a lot of technology. We love the fact that the creators of this application have taken into account the narrative during the editing process with its patent-pending artificial intelligence technology, Emotion Sense.

From the developers of the application:

“Emotion Sense allows users to collaborate with artificial intelligence to ensure that their film generates the right kind of emotional response. Users provide us with images and provide emotional direction through the choice of music and video style, and we bring their images to life in a film that “not only collects the best moments of the uploaded images, but also captures a mood ».

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5. MoviePro (Iphone – payment)

MovieProOne of the best video recording applications is the MoviePro, which will allow you to change all the possible aspects of the configuration while recording videos on the iPhone.

Not only can you change the resolution, frame rate or video, but the quality of the audio can also be controlled by the application’s microphone volume. In addition, it will also allow you to program the duration of the video recording.

The most different function in MoviePro is the Spy mode of the configuration. When you enable this function, the iPhone screen will turn black while the video will be recorded in the background. You can also set the timer for video recording and there is also an option to enable manual controls from the configuration. In All in, it is the best video recording application in the app store.

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6. Mavis (Iphone – payment)

MAVIS - Pro CameraMAVIS is another dense recording tool packed with professional and broadcast-level features, such as the shutter angle, a real-time color vectorscope and an exposure waveform, and custom frame rates between 3 fps and 240 fps.

The audio recording options are incredibly broad, and include audio monitoring access and support for recording audio through devices connected to the iPhone’s Lightning port.

Shooting assistant options include zebra bars, false color for exposure and ranges, and peak focus for precise focus. Uniquely, the selectable bit rates vary from 10Mbit / s to 100Mbit / s, and the timecode is embedded in the video file.

Like Filmic, MAVIS exposes a wide variety of professional controls to the end user. The interface is clean and professional, and the toolkit is incredibly broad.

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7. Filmmaker Pro (Android and iphone – free)

Filmmaker ProIf you are looking for the free alternative to ProCam, Filmmaker Pro is a fully featured video recording and editing application that offers everything you may need, from voiceovers to illustrations and much more.

The Filmmaker Pro application is designed for iPhone and iPad.

Create amazing videos combining great illustrations, text, animations, transitions, filters, audio tracks, voice-overs and much more.

What we like most about Filmmaker Pro:

  • As for the free video recording applications, this video editing application really stood out for its long and very generous list of features.
  • Create and manage unlimited projects.
  • Manage, share / export the underlying assets of the projects through the unique view of the File Manager.
  • 4K video support on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s / Plus and iPad Pro
  • Support for unlimited video clips, audio tracks, voice-overs and text overlays

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8. Cinema FV-5 (Android – free)

Cinema fv-5Cinema FV-5 is another application that puts professional recording options in the hands of smartphone users. It occupies the same niche as Movie Pro on the iPhone. It is perfect for enthusiasts looking to improve their video recording game without taking a college-level class in recording techniques.

Its main interface is its detailed viewer. You will have access to live histograms, audio meters, focus adjustment and zoom from the recording screen. Additional options include multiple audio and video codec and bitrate options and customizable hardware mapping of camera functions.

What we like:

  • It provides the broadest feature set on Android devices.
  • Detailed viewer mimics professional camcorders.

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9. ACDSee Camera Pro (Iphone -Pago)

ACDSee Camera Pro Do you want to connect to the comprehensive power of your iPhone video recording application? Then, ACDSee Camera Pro is a great choice. It is a great support for the iPhone dual camera. The features of ACDSee Camera Pro include:

  • Shutter priority mode
  • Real-time effect filters
  • Manual controls
  • Real-time adjustments
  • Exposure bracketing

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10. Horizon Camera (Iphone-Android-free)

Horizon CameraThis application is available to download on Android or iPhone devices. According to TechRadar, this is one of the best applications for video recording.

Outstanding features:

    • You can record video by holding your phone in any direction. The trick is that this application will record the video horizontally in any case.
    • Auto levels your videos with your ability to stake out videos recorded in the wrong orientation.
    • It comes equipped with eight different filters to choose from.
    • The option to record videos in slow motion.
    • Allows you to click on photos while recording videos.
    • Zoom without loss with sharp resolutions.
    • Allows you to select video quality to save space on the device.

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11. Pro Cam 6 (Iphone payment)

Pro Cam 6Pro Cam 6 is one of the most popular video recording applications with the most versatile options. You can add date stamps to your videos, location, Copy stamps to the right and you can even change the font, size and color of these stamps.

The audio meter for recording a video can also be changed from medium to peak level. It also has the built-in video stabilization option.

Another amazing feature is the different settings of the time lap videos, you can easily set the screen brightness for videos of time laps, delay and you can even add sound tracks to time lapse videos. In short, it provides professional video recording in real time directly on iPhone.

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12. Open Camera (Android – Free)

Open CameraOpen Camera is built mainly for still images, but its video recording capabilities are also impressive.

It is completely free, without purchases within the application. The list of functions includes many of the functions that should be included in your built-in camera application, and the application is compatible with the newest Camera2 API. This API allows the application to set the manual focus, ISO, exposure and white balance, as well as the burst mode, the RAW capture (through DNG) and the slow motion video.

Open Camera is a capable camera application that can replace your disappointing built-in application at no additional charge.

What we like:

  • Low cost means that it is widely accessible.
  • Significantly improves the built-in Android camera application

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13. iPhocus (Iphone – Payment)

iPhocusIt is a manual video camera application developed by lovers of innovative and multicultural analog photography to take full advantage of the potential of the iPhone series. The features of this video recording application for iPhone are:

  • You can focus and blur
  • Balance the light and modify the exposure.
  • Slow motion mode and frame rate change up to 240 fps
  • ISO mode measures sensitivity to light
  • Highly efficient and simple interface.
  • Manual recording process allowed

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14. VivaVideo (Iphone – Payment)

VivaVideoPROThis is another video recording application that improves your videos on an iPhone. It is ranked among the best applications for video recording and editing solutions. This application is an all-in-one application for recording, editing, saving and sharing videos.

Outstanding features:

  • It allows you to add filters (of more than 200 options) in a video while you are recording it.
  • It has a powerful editor that allows you to crop, edit, combine clips and easily share the edited videos.
  • Allows you to select the duration of the video you want to record.
  • It allows you to apply filters and adjustments to videos in real time.

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15. Fish Eye (iphone – Free)

FisheyeDo you want to record videos in wide angle with 170 degrees? The fish eye is what you should use, not only will it allow you to record wide-angle videos, but it also offers different types of effects to increase the beauty of your videos.

Before attempting to use this application, make sure it does not require any hardware and that it is just a software simulation. It is not like any video recording application, it is different in any aspect. In addition, after recording the videos will be saved in a very high quality.

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16. iSupr8 (iphone – Payment)

iSupr8 This video recording application for iPhone is a creator of retro and vintage video. If you want to create grain or dust and add dirt to your video, iSupr8 can make a masterpiece. This super 8 mm camera application is ideal for importing old videos and creating new ones. Being the most advanced super 8 film filter in the world, iSupr8 can record 360p / 480p / 720p² / 1080p². It is one of the best video recording applications for iPhone with features such as:

  • It allows recording in various video resolutions including 1080p²
  • Tru8 ™ professional grade film processing
  • Framing and movie recording options.
  • Realistic super appearance of 8 mm film.
  • Share social networks
  • Save pre-establishments and design

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17. ProMovie Recorder (iphone – Free)

ProMovieProMovie Recorder approaches MAVIS and Filmic Pro in complexity, but lacks the understandable interfaces of those applications. It exposes a significant power, from the manual controls to the adjustment of the bit rate, but it is not as easy to use as the other applications.

Unlike Filmic Pro, ProMovie Recorder can be downloaded for free. But do not be fooled. You must make a purchase from the application to remove the watermark of the exported video. For students or fans looking to explore a high-fidelity video recording application, this is the place to start, with no risks.

What we like:

  • One of the few applications that offers an impressive range of settings.
  • The free download makes it accessible to everyone.

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13. Kinomatic (iphone – Payment)

Kinomatic Kinomatic is a video recording application and a combined video editing application. He is capable in both, but his real ability is to produce reasonably complex videos without the use of a computer, and then share them quickly online.

The video editor can cut clips, add titles, manipulate audio and insert music. The video recorder is less exciting, but it is well designed and the interface is highly readable.

You can get Kinomatic for a few dollars. Although it is an older application, it will still run well on modern iOS devices.

What we like:

  • High quality, single window for the production and transmission of video.
  • Make desktop-quality editing accessible everywhere.

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19. Videoshop Video Editor

Videoshop Videoshop is not a camera recording application, but it is an essential companion for one. It is a direct and capable application to produce videos edited on your iPhone. You can combine multiple clips, add music, insert titles and apply filters to your sequence, then share them on almost any social media channel. All this happens within the application, without the need for a computer.

If you want to share the video that you spent all this time and money recording, but you do not have the money or experience for desktop video editing software, Videoshop should be the last stop before sending it to the world. The application is free, but accessing professional level functions requires a subscription.

What we like:

  • Simplify the process of sharing edited mobile videos.
  • Ideal for creating short videos of events and attractions.

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20. LumaFusion (iphone – Payment)

LumaFusionIf you want a professional editor to go with your professional iOS video recording application, see LumaFusion. It is the most powerful video editing application in the App Store, with professional multi-track editing and many of the tools you would expect to find in a desktop NLE application. It will cost you $ 20, but professionalism is worth its price.

What we like:

  • Non-linear editing functions only powerful.
  • Excellent choice for mobile filmmakers, adventurous videographers and electronic journalists.

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