The 26+ best playstation 4 accessories, KontrolFreek, joystick, VR

Leaving games aside, with your play station console 4 you get everything you need to play.

However, adding some accessories to the mix can really improve your experience, whether it offers you greater comfort or a more immersive challenge.

But you do not want to rush and buy any old accessory. A quality console requires quality add-ons, and with that in mind, we’ve put together the best of the best on this list, the PS4 accessories that will really add to your gaming experience.

From VR system and wireless headphones to subscriptions and external hard drives, these are the best accessories for PS4 on the market.

1. PlayStation VR

play station vrIf you’re interested in entering the nascent world of virtual reality, there’s no better place to start than with Sony’s PlayStation VR. More virtual reality games are released every month and technology is looking to become the next great platform for console games.

Do you want to know what all the fuss of virtual reality is about? Well, PlayStation VRs are the most affordable way to find out, and the selection of available experiences improves and improves with each release.

Whether you want to caress Trico in The Last Guardian VR, fly an X-Wing in Star Wars: Battlefront or destroy a bunch of demons back in hell with DOOM VFR, there are many ways to delve into your PlayStation games.

Just remember that you will also need to buy a couple of motion controllers, if you want to make the most of the virtual reality experience. Most VR packages also come with a PS camera: just make sure the purchase includes it, or you’ll pay more money just to get started.

Compatible with: PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and PS4 | Includes: PSVR, processor unit, stereo headphones, HDMI cable, USB cable, AC adapter and power cord, headset adapter

2. Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel – Perfect for fans of racing games who want an authentic experience.

Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheelA racing wheel with pedals is not necessary for everyone, but if you take your racing games seriously, it is probably the number one accessory you can pick up. The ThrustMaster T300RS is worth every penny if titles like Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo are among your favorites.

Impressive accuracy is essential, of course, but force feedback is the most important feature of the T300RS: it uses motors to pull against your hands when you turn at the corners, simulating the forces you would feel in a real car. And as Thrustmaster uses a belt-driven system, here you’ll get the smoothest and most realistic feel of any racing wheel that is not ridiculously expensive.

The robust design and solid pedals ensure that it will remain firm in the long term, and is compatible with the PS4 and PS3, allowing it to give fresh life to the latest generation gems with this helm.

3. PlayStation Camera

PlayStation CameraTo use the Move motion controllers mentioned above, you will need the PlayStation camera. You use this device to turn your PlayStation into a motion game platform (combined with previous motion controllers).

The camera allows the PS4 to continue where you are in physical space, which transports you to the game. It can also be used to broadcast live video, for example, when you want other Twitch users to see what it looks like while playing the last FPS.

Unlike Kinect on Xbox One, the Sony PlayStation camera was never a major focus of the PS4 platform. However, it is worth buying if you want PSVR, since it is used to track your movements and translate them into the game.

There are also other uses for the PlayStation camera: you can use it while transmitting live games on Twitch, for example, so your viewers can see your face. However, fewer and fewer games use the PlayStation camera, unless you’re a big fan of Just Dance 2019.

4. KontrolFreek for PlayStation 4 control analogs

KontrolFreek for PlayStation 4At first glance, the different protrusions of the Kontrol Freek control seems like a strange trick, but it can actually have a big impact on your games, especially with shooters.

Kontrol Freek products are small protrusions that snag on the top of the analog sticks of your PS4 control. The idea is to give more stick travel because they make the sticks are longer and, as a result, you have a few millimeters more fine control over the sticks. This additional movement gives you much more precise control and can make a big difference in competitive games.

There are different options available from Kontrol Freek that have different heights and different textures and shapes at the top, so you have many options available to find exactly the game feel you want.

You can mix and match different styles of Kontrol Freek, but be sure to buy them for the correct system, since the Kontrol Freek protrusions of PS4 and Xbox One are not compatible with each other, since the controllers have sticks of different sizes.

5. PS4 Bluetooth remote control

PS4 Bluetooth remote controlThere is no easy way to say this: the PDP’s oldest PS4 remote control was horrible.

It was bulky, it had too many buttons, and none of them are in the places you wish they were.

Fortunately, this new remote control looks much better. It is officially licensed by Sony and surrounds the directional keyboard with the buttons on the face of your PS4 control, allowing you to more easily press the Circle button to exit the application menu or X to select. And it’s Bluetooth, so you do not have to point directly at the console.

6. Objective control PSVR- AimController PS4

Objective control PSVRIf you like to play first-person shooter games on PlayStation VR, then the PSVR Aim Controller is simply a must, as it combines a motion controller and a DualShock in an integrated whole, transforming the experience of shooting down enemies in virtual reality (for compatible games).

Accurately target video games of PS VR compatible shooters with this advanced controller designed specifically for PlayStation VR.

Discover how the PS VR gun control becomes a weapon within the virtual world, aim with the virtual peephole and open fire with incredible precision, while feeling the recoil and vibration in your hands.

7. USB PlayStation 4 DualShock USB wireless adapter

USB PlayStation 4 DualShock USB wireless adapterSony makes a software called Remote Play.

It is an application for your PC and Mac that allows you to transmit a PS4 game from your PlayStation to your computer and play there.

Where the PlayStation 4 DualShock USB wireless adapter is included is that it allows you to use any desktop or laptop computer with any PlayStation 4 DualShock controller.

Sure, you can use your keyboard to play most PC games, but sometimes it’s better to use a game controller, especially if you’re used to a console.

The USB wireless adapter for the DualShock 4 control will allow you to use the Remote Play function on a PC or Mac.

8. Flight Simulator Hori – Flight Stick Ace Combat ps4

Flight Simulator Hori - Flight Stick Ace Combat ps4Those who have had the previous version will be happy to know that they have not moved away from the old molds. The accelerator is still the same, but now, instead of the mini dpad joystick, there is a much larger one next to the thumb of the left hand.

The trigger is weapons, and the circle is fire missiles. Triangle for the next target and squad for the change of special weapon. The stick vibrates in the afterburner, stops and explosions: the vibration is quite strong and feels good.

The touchpad at the base of the stick is nice and works as a radar change mode. At the top of the bar, there are the share and options buttons. The Stick has an analog controller so you can move the camera in any view you find (in the cabin / cabin / third person). to

9. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis ProThe SteelSeries Arctis Pro is one of the best sounding headphones you can buy. As such, it’s worth considering if you use your PlayStation 4 to watch movies and listen to music, as well as to play games.

Clarity and audio balance are much better than most other headphones. Both the Arctic Pro Wireless and GameDAC versions will work with a PlayStation 4 console, but the Vanilla Wired version is for PC only, so be sure to choose the correct one before buying.

The GameDAC model has an external box with high quality high resolution audio converters. However, it must be connected, so this may not be the best option if you play a few meters from your PS4. The wireless version may be a better option.

All versions have LEDs around the headphones. It may be made for audio perfectionists, but it’s still a player handset.

10. Sony Gold Wireless – PS4 gaming headset

Sony Gold Wireless - PS4 gaming headsetThe PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headphones offer a premium headphone set with rich 7.1 virtual surround audio outputs and a noise canceling microphone.

Although there are cheaper gaming headsets on the market, these headphones are designed with quality in mind and include a compatibility that is not only limited to the PS4, but to the PS3, the home computer and mobile devices.

Sony developed the PlayStation Gold wireless stereo headphones with a goal of performance and sound quality. Comfortable headphones come with a complementary application to ensure the best calibrations, as well as fine tuning settings that improve the audio output and frequency levels of your favorite games like Destiny and Uncharted 4.

Everything, from noisy explosions to subtle steps of opponents, feels clear and crisp. The game comes complete with a micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, a wireless adapter and a travel bag.

11. Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Sony PlayStation Move Motion ControllerThere are many games that you can play without any type of gamepads, as long as you have the motion controllers and the Sony Playstation camera.

These controllers work like wands and allow you to become physical with many games, from sports games like tennis to games in which you need to fight orcs with wands.

It is possible that they have been released in the PS3 era, but they are Sony’s way of getting their hands on the game.

With one of these bright bad guys in your hands, you can collect and interact with objects in virtual reality games, which may sound silly but changes the game completely.

Take Batman Arkham VR, for example, there’s nothing like pulling Bat gloves and lowering the hood over his face in the game with what feels like his real hands, and then dancing a little in the mirror.

With near perfect precision and precision of movement, Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers really enhance virtual reality, providing a more immersive game (for games that are compatible with it, of course).

If you are not interested in PSVR, then there is little reason to invest in the Move controllers, but for those who love to enter a virtual reality, having a Move controller in their arsenal can be useful.

12. Arcade Venom with 8 buttons

Arcade Venom with 8 buttonsIf you miss the old arcade joysticks, you’re in luck: Venom makes an eight-button arcade bar for PlayStation with official license.

The stick is compatible with PS3 and PS4 and features a steel shaft microswitch joystick for arcade quality response, an ergonomic design with turbo functions and durability thanks to the premium quality components.

The eight-button design has turbo features with the exclusive PS4 Share button and also has a three-meter USB cable, so you can use it regardless of whether your sofa is on the other side of the room from your PlayStation.

13. Control Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

Control Razer Raiju Tournament EditionThe Razer Raiju is a rare example of a video game control that is based on improving the original. Unlike the DualShock controllers dedicated to the PlayStation 4, the Razer Raiju comes with four multifunction buttons, a tireless user-tested design, as well as two removable bottom triggers designed to reduce the response time delayed by 70 percent. hundred.

The Razer Raiju is for those who take games seriously and want more control. Its ergonomic shape and weight have been tested by a focus group with electronic sports athletes, taking into account every part of the comments made from this research to improve control. Its interface offers a panel to easily customize the profile and audio, allowing complete control from the configuration of the chat volume to a wide range of other functionalities.

14. PS4 Games Tower

PS4 Games TowerIt is a very good load unit for control in addition to a mini shelf for your games, it has one of the best ratings in the market.

It is normal that you just buy a PlayStation 4 is this really annoying with the Micro USB charging cable configured to charge the controls. However this product solves that problem immediately.

It includes (2) small Micro USB adapters to plug into (2) drivers and then you can place the drivers in the cradle of the cradle to charge them.

It has 2 LED lights (1 for each controller). Green indicates that the control is being charged, while Blue indicates that the control is fully charged.

It’s a pretty simple product, but well made, and definitely worth it.

Super easy to assemble, adapts perfectly to games, and also loads the drivers. It does not take up much space, which is perfect for small spaces.

15. The best control: Dual Shock 4

Dual Shock 4It is always tempting to buy a cheaper third party control when you need an additional pad for friends or family, but we do not recommend it.

They break too easily, often do not work well, and are mostly a waste of money.

If you need additional control, go ahead and spend the extra money on the official Dual Shock 4 from Sony. The DS4 comes in a wide range of colors and you know you get a first officer control, robust and with good looks, which guarantees that it will work perfectly in all the games that you throw in it over the next few years.

16. PowerA DualShock 4 charging base

Power DualShock 4 charging baseIt stinks when you are playing and you receive notification that your controller’s batteries are about to die.

If you do not have a spare on hand, you only have another option: connect the control to the PS4 via a cable.

But let’s be honest: that’s not ideal. That’s where the DualShock 4 charging base comes in.

It allows you to dock two PS4 controllers at the same time when you finish playing to make sure you always receive a load between the game sessions.

17. PS Plus 12 months subscription

PS Plus 12 months subscriptionDo you have a PlayStation 4? Cool. Your next step should be to consider the PlayStation Plus subscription. Having Sony’s membership plan, sold in a month, three months and annual options, is the only way you can play PS4 games online and access cloud storage to save, but there is a potential benefit still Major: free games for all months.

That’s right, at the beginning of every month, Sony launches a handful of free downloadable games through PS4 and PS3, and it’s up to you to save them and play the content as long as your Plus membership is active.

With two or three free PS4 games each month, as well as additional discounts during sales and other promotions, membership is quickly amortized.

18. Seagate FireCuda – 2TB SSHD internal hard drive for PC and PS4

Seagate FireCuda - 2TB SSHD internal hard drive for PC and PS4One thing that is becoming more common for PlayStation 4 owners is the need to update the device’s hard drive.

While it seems a daunting task, it is not really that difficult. The PS4 in existence only has a 500 GB hard drive, so if you want a larger hard drive to replace it, take a look at the Firecuda hard drive for 1TB Seagate games.

This model offers high performance and high capacity, so you can store more games and these games will load faster. Seagate also has a 2 TB version of this hard drive, which we recommend if you plan to buy and download many new games in the next few years and do not like to delete anything.

Many customers have been happy with this model and have stated that it has improved the performance of their PS4 while adding more game storage.

PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging StationWith Sony’s official license, the PowerA DualShock 4 controller charging station is a smart way to keep your controllers always ready to play.

The station is connected to a power source through an AC adapter. To load, simply align your controls on each side of the station and click to place them in place. Approximately 90 minutes are required for an empty controller to reach 100% full battery.

The station is compact enough to fit anywhere in an entertainment center or desk. Indicates charging progress thanks to an orange LED light.

In the “on” position, the light will remain active during charging and will turn off once the connected contreles have reached their maximum capacity. Once loaded, simply press the special release contact to release the controls.

20. External Hard Disk Seagate 4TB

External Hard Disk Seagate 4TBDo you need more space on your hard drive for all the games you want to play, but do not you care too deeply about the internal components of your console? You should definitely consider an external hard drive.

External hard drive compatibility was introduced in February 2017 and was a revelation for those who were not willing to consider a change to the internal hard drive.

There are some great models out there, but Seagate tends to be the biggest and the best of all. This 4TB beast will house around 100 games.

21. External Hard Disk WD My Passport 2TB

External Hard Disk WD My Passport 2TBIf you are looking to download a lot of games (and with a PS Plus subscription, you can potentially take 2-3 games each month), then you will run out of storage space on your console’s hard drive.

Instead of removing and reinstalling games constantly, it is better to take an external hard drive that simply connects and allows you to store more titles.

The WD My Passport discs are really easy to use, with excellent value for money and are often some of the cheapest. However, they are of high quality and the transfer speeds they offer are excellent.

The My Passport also comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you will surely find something that you will enjoy and use.

22. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing WheelSure you can play any racing game with the PS4 gamepad, but why not make it more realistic by grabbing the Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing steering wheel ?.

This baby will really make you feel like you’re driving that race car.

It has a gearshift lever, a 24-position adjustment dial, force feedback, soft rubber grips and a wheel rotation of 900 degrees on the wheel part and autocalibration and a carpet grip system on the pedals

23. PlayStation 4 Vertical support and USB hub with official license

PlayStation 4 Vertical support and USBYou would not think that a support would be such an important accessory, but it is. The vertical base with official license of PlayStation 4 and the USB hub are designed for the PS4 and allow you to place the console in an upright position.

Depending on the entertainment configuration of your home, this can make it much easier to place your PS4 to your liking.

It is robust and there is no way for your PS4 to fall. In addition, the support also includes three additional USB ports, which allow you to connect more USB peripherals to your PS4.

24. USB charging cable

USB charging cableAh, yes, the purchase of accessories for PS4 more glamorous: the charging cable. You need one of these to charge the battery in your DualShock, unless you have a charging base.

Sure, you get one when you buy a PS4 console, but the cable is short and is likely to break at some point.

There are many options for charging cables, but we recommend Anker products because they are a reliable name to charge, this cable is well made and is (almost) impossible to entangle. Having lots of wires in your living room or bedroom can be a danger, and this is difficult to get tangled up and easy to spot when walking in low light. Also, it is a great value.

25. Nyko modular charging station for two controls

Nyko modular charging station for two controlsKeep your DualShock 4 controllers charged with the modular charging station for the Nyko PlayStation 4. With a clean and wireless design, the modular charging station connects via the PS4 and connects directly to its two front USB ports.

No additional software, dongles, extensions or outlets are required. The front LED indicators show the battery status of your DualShock 4 controllers. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with other Nyko Modular products, such as the Nyko PS4 Intercooler (sold separately).

Features :

  • Load two DualShock 4 controllers
  • Clean, wireless design
  • Connects directly to the USB ports of the PS4
  • No additional software or dongles are needed

26. LiuXi case designed for Playstation 4 Slim Console and accessories:

LiuXi case designed for Playstation 4 Slim Console and accessoriesUSA GEAR S13 Manufacture in reinforced nylon, with anti scratch base and padded interior to provide the best security to your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii U and other consoles and accessories.

Two external pockets for accessories to carry video games, helmets, and any other accessory. Adjustable padded strap, comfortable and easy to carry.

Two compartments for accessories with customizable quilted dividers that allow you to organize everything perfectly.


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