Best 16+ analog and digital alarm clocks

Using your cell phone as your morning alarm is like using your cell phone as your daily watch: it works, but it does the minimum.

Much better would be to invest in a decent clock to use throughout the day and a dedicated alarm clock that by not tempting him with Candy Crush or playing with his circadian rhythm, can help him wake up more rested to start the day better. But buying an alarm clock is not as simple as it seems; It involves a lot of small decisions about price, features and design that can be overwhelming.

That’s why our selections range from simple mechanical watches to Bluetooth-enabled devices. All of them are high quality models available in a range of prices, and reflect the best of the different types of watches available for purchase.

1.  Philips HF3520 alarm clock with sunrise color simulation

Philips HF3520The idea of ​​a gentle alarm clock still has many skeptics, but the Philips HF3520 is designed to emulate sunrise in the morning.

The hope behind Philips’ design is that the brain is stimulated to the point that it is telling its body that “it’s time to get up,” which allows for a much more natural morning experience.

Gone are the days of a sudden awakening with noises. The color screen offers a natural light experience along with five soothing wake-up sounds. If you want to combine the best of the old-school and soft-wake function, it has FM radio capability and a touch to – turn off the alarm just in case. In addition, the headlight dims and sounds softly to help you sleep, emulating a more natural way of entering REM sleep. With 20 total brightness settings.

See prices on eBay: Philips HF3520

2. Ruggie rug alarm clock

Carpet Alarm ClockWith Ruggie, you must press a plush mat for three seconds to stop the alarm. The alarm can also be set to 120 decibels to further annoy you out of bed. For the sake of perspective, 120 decibels are on par with the noise level of a nice chainsaw.

The Ruggie is made of fleece and foam with memory, which helps you to enter the cruel world that resides outside your sanctuary adorned with quilt. You can also set the device to play custom MP3 files once you have pressed and muted the alarm. Because, in any case, that impressive achievement deserves a thematic song.

See prices on eBay: Ruggie 

3.  Google Home Hub

Google Home HubAlthough it is not strictly an “alarm clock”, Google Home Hub can wake you up in the morning and do much more. One of the most drastic differences between the Home Hub and other comparable devices is its size; The Home Hub has a height of only 4.5 inches. This makes it small enough to fit comfortably on a night table. That little box is partly due to the lack of a camera, which can be a professional or a scam depending on how much you value your privacy.

The Home Hub connects to the various Bluetooth-enabled devices you have in your home, such as lights, speakers, a thermostat, etc. You can configure the Home Hub to answer your voice commands or manage devices using the touch screen. For the purposes of an alarm clock, the Home Hub works exceptionally well. You can set a normal alarm or even have the hub wake you up with a specific song from your music library. However, since the built-in speakers have no brightness, you may want to connect it to your sound system if you have one.

See prices on eBay: Google Home Hub

4.  RCA RCA alarm clock with 1.4 “red screen

RCA alarm clock RCD30This model is a basic and simple alarm clock. It has a large red 1.4-inch LCD risplay with simple dots that indicate when PM is one hour and when an alarm is set.

It’s also adjustable, so you can adjust it to be bright enough to read in the dark without blinding it or bathing your room with a creepy red glow. There is a backup battery, so if you cut off the power in the middle of the night, you will not be late for work the next morning nor will you reset the time after 12:00. The repeat button, possibly the most important feature of any alarm clock, is also a beauty, covering the middle two-thirds of the six-inch-wide unit. Everything seems to have been designed decades ago. And we say it in the best way.

See prices on eBay:  RCA RCD30 

5.  CubieTime alarm clock with 2 USB charging ports and 2 charging station sockets

CubieTime alarm clockElegant and simple, the CubieTime alarm clock is ideal for the home, but it can also be found in hotel rooms around the world, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Powered by an AC adapter cable, the CubieTime includes two AAA batteries for battery backup in the possibility of a power cut. With a weight of 1.7 pounds, it measures a relatively small size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches, which makes it ideal even for a small bedside table. If what you are looking for is an attractive and simplified option that is reliable, CubieTime is a fantastic option.

See prices on eBay: CubieTime alarm clock 

6. SmartShaker 2 alarm clock

SmartShaker 2 alarm clockA standard alarm is usually enough to wake most humans, but some people simply sleep more soundly than others.

For these people, the aptly named SmartShaker 2 is ideal. The slim alarm clock fits comfortably under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up. This feature also makes the SmartShaker 2 perfect for those with hearing disabilities and couples with different sleep schedules.

Detractors may notice that your cell phone alarm may already be set to vibrate, so why not slide your smartphone under your pillow case? Leaving aside all the sanitary arguments, the SmartShaker 2 vibrates much more powerful than a standard smartphone (three times more to be exact). SmartShaker 2 also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and incorporates a functional and easy-to-use application that is available for Android and iOS devices. You can even configure up to 10 different alarms and choose from a variety of options, in case you want an audio alarm and a vibration. After all, sometimes the nap fight is too real.

See prices on eBay: SmartShaker 2 alarm clock

7. Westclox Big Ben Twin-Bell alarm clock

Westclox Big Ben Twin-Bell alarm clock Westclox Big Ben Twin-Bell alarm clockBig Ben has the look of the alarm clock par excellence with bells and the analog face has hour, minutes and seconds.

But it has some ingenious features: press the top and the face will light up, which will allow you to check the time in the middle of the night before (hopefully) you go back to sleep.

There is also a mechanical alarm function, the classic vibrator hammer and the double bell mechanism just above the 12 position. The face has a diameter of only five inches and weighs less than one pound, so its name is not particularly precise. It is available in glossy gold or matt brushed nickel finishes, and is a solid choice if your tastes are analogous and its decoration classic.

See prices on eBay:  Westclox Big Ben Twin-Bell

8. Echo Spot – Smart alarm clock with Alexa

Echo SpotIf you are looking for an alarm clock with all the alarm functions, Amazon’s eco spot with Wi-Fi is the best option. The elegant hands-free device responds to thousands of voice requests, beyond setting a morning alarm.

After waking up with Alexa’s alarm, you can request a summary of the daily news, check the weather, see how your work calendar looks, play music, listen to an audiobook, turn on your bedroom lights and more, all without having to lift a finger Best of all, the more you use your Echo Spot, the smarter it becomes. Over time, you will begin to recognize and adapt to your voice, speech patterns and personal preferences.

With four microphones, beam-forming technology and improved noise cancellation, you will not have to worry about Alexa not listening to your requests, even through music or nearby chats. Although it is considerably more expensive than your basic alarm clock, for all functions, it is a one-time expense that will help you prepare for a smart home.

See prices on eBay:  Echo Spot

9. Ultra small Peakeep travel alarm clock

Peakeep Ultra Small, alarm clockEven if you do not use it every day, it’s nice to have this Peakeep model when you travel, especially if, like us, you discover that you forget to bring a phone charger too often.

It is designed to carry on the road. The longest side is only two and a quarter inches, and weighs only a couple of ounces. It works with an AA battery and features easy-to-use controls: a button that activates the backlight and repeat functions, a simple on / off switch for the alarm and two buttons that make it easy to set the time and alarm, respectively .

See prices on eBay: Peakeep 

10. CubieBlue more than a simple alarm clock

CubieBlueThe CubieBlue is an alarm clock that comes with Bluetooth music playback and is even capable of charging your smartphone.

The night alarm is easy to set up, and there is a screen dimmer to keep the amount of light to a minimum, so you can rest easy. There’s also a one-day alarm for unique activation schedules, as well as an automatic update feature for daylight saving time, a security clip and two USB outlets to keep your smartphone charged, so you’ll be ready in the morning following. Weighs only 2.8 pounds, measures 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

See prices on eBay: CubieBlue

11. Wooden alarm clock

Wooden alarm clockThis alarm clock is technically made of medium density fiber. But thanks to the magic of technology, it looks and feels like wood in black, brown, white and a clear and natural finish.

It has an energy saving function that turns off the screen when it is inactive for 10 seconds. Make a noise like a clap and turn on again in one of the three levels of luminance, adjustable to adapt to the light of your bedroom. It also has backup battery and three alarms, but the real attraction here is the look of wood. It looks more like a piece of wood than an alarm clock, and it is likely that, no matter how rustic or modern its decoration, this watch looks great on your night table.

See prices on eBay:  Wood alarm clock

12. iCKER alarm clock – 9 “large-screen digital clock

ICKER alarm clockIf the mornings are not your thing, then you need a powerful alarm to start your day. The iCKER alarm clock reaches a maximum volume of 85 decibels, which is as high as that of a diesel train that passes from 100 feet away. For a smoother awakening, you can also use the gradual wake-up timer to get out of a deep sleep. The 9-inch iCKER screen is perfect for older people, showing large numbers that can be easily read, even from the other side of the room. For those with sensitive eyes, the brightness is also adjustable, so you can sleep comfortably at night. The iCKER uses a USB cable to charge and has an additional port that you can use to charge your phone. It also comes with a CR2303 backup battery that will save the hour,

See prices on eBay: iCKER alarm clock

13. iHome IBT29 dual alarm clock radio with Bluetooth speaker

IHome Dual Alarm Clock Radio IBT29If you are looking for speaker transmission and quality capabilities, the iHome iBT29 will not disappoint you. You can set your alarm to connect to your favorite music or tune to the FM radio.

In fact, with the option to configure two independent alarms, you do not even have to choose. The iHome is paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device and also allows you to store six FM radio stations. You can even answer phone calls using the clock’s built-in microphone and voice echo function.

The iHome’s spherical design and color-changing LED display make it the perfect mood creator for a party, or as a design piece for your office or dorm. The color screen is not just to show; You can set a light alarm to wake up more naturally in the morning. The iHome iBT29 includes an AUX input, a USB port and a CR2460 backup battery in the event of a power outage.

See prices on eBay:  iHome dual alarm clock IBT29

14. Travelwey LED digital alarm clock

Digital Alarm Clock LED House travelweyWhen you need an alarm clock with large red letters that are easy to read, the low cost Travelwey D Home LED alarm clock is an excellent choice.

Designed with simplicity in mind, there is nothing difficult in operating this watch. Whether for the elderly or young children, this is as basic as possible. There are two configurations available for low or high volume.

The wake-up function can be changed and offers up to nine additional minutes of sleep. The sliding button on the back switches the alarm on and off as necessary. The repeat button can even be pressed quickly to create a brief night light. The highlights are the 1.8-inch LED digits that are bright enough to be seen from a room. Fortunately, the screen can be dimmed for comfort, so they are not too bright.

While the Travelwey works with an AC outlet, two AAA batteries provide limited power backup. If there is no power, the screen goes blank to conserve the battery and maintain the existing alarm configuration. To see the current time, just touch the wake button and you will get the time for two seconds.

See prices on eBay: Travelwey LED digital alarm clock

15.  Analogue alarm clock Pluteck without ticking with night light and alarm clock

PluteckThe days of the digital alarm clock are in full force, but the simplified nature of an analog alarm clock can not be overstated.

If you want to omit all the extras and provide nothing more than a wake-up alarm, the answer is the Pluteck analog alarm clock that works. With a completely silent mode without any annoying sound, the Pluteck offers a 3-fold upward alarm that increases the volume in three stages until the alarm goes off or the wake-up bar is pressed.

Once the repeat button is pressed, the alarm will return every five minutes until it is manually turned off. A built-in night light allows you to easily see the time at night by simply pressing a top button to avoid a full-time driving light that can interfere with those who sleep the light. Working with a single AA battery, the 3.

See prices on eBay: Pluteck

16. Digital milestone atomic alarm clock

Milestone 3.8 Digital Battery Atomic Alarm ClockDo not be fooled by the tiny size of the digital milestone atomic alarm clock; This portable unit is highly reliable. When running on two AA batteries, moving the 3.8 x 3.2 x 1 inch clock is simple, since there are no wires to talk about. Ultraportability helps you as a smart option for frequent travelers who need something that can fit in a suitcase or carry-on luggage.

The front display shows the time, date, temperature and alarms set. That is much more detail than competitive models usually offer. You can even change the time zone to Pacific, Mountain, Central or East if necessary.

During the evening hours, an intelligent automatic light is turned on that adds a brightness to the dark screen. Setting up the alarm is easy with three basic steps. Daylight saving time is automatically updated without any user interference. Hito says that its functionality is so simple that the watch is suitable for children.

See prices on eBay:  atomic digital milestone

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