Best 21+ apps for budget and personal finance

Here is a selection of our favorite budget and personal finance applications for Android and iOS devices.

1. Wallet app

Wallet (Android, iOS) is another handy mobile budget and finance tool that offers a lot of the best features in its class, as well as multi-currency compatibility. The application includes automatic bank synchronization for your balance and expenses. It also gives you the option to import entries manually, tag transactions to facilitate tracking and keep track of budgets. Financial information and other metrics and predictions are displayed in easy visuals to help you plan your finances. While the application is free, you’ll want premium subscriptions to take advantage of features like bank syncing, widgets and more detailed reports and charts.

2. Expensify app (Android, iOS: free)

If you are a business traveler, then Expensify (Android, iOS) is easily your best friend when it comes to making easy expense reports. It allows you to manually track expenses, fotolog receipts and even import purchase information from your credit card for eReceipts validated by the IRS.

Perhaps the best feature is Smart Scan, which allows users to photograph a receipt and have it read by the computer and automatically generated as an expense. The application includes entry options for travel mileage, time and expenses based on fees, as well as automatic currency conversion.

3. Credit karma app (Android, iOS: free)

Whether you apply for a loan from the bank or try to rent an apartment, your credit score is important. Credit Karma (Android, iOS) is a free application that recovers and monitors your credit scores from Equifax and TransUnion credit agencies. But there is more to life than raw numbers. The service illuminates what your scores mean and offers you product recommendations (credit cards, insurance and loans) adapted to your financial circumstances. Even without drilling your credit card number, Credit Karma allows you to control your credit with weekly and daily notifications and updates.

4. Mint app Personal Finance (Android, iOS: free)

Intuit’s Mint Personal Finance (Android, iOS) not only helps you track your income and expenses, but also your financial status in general. In addition to allowing a deep management of the personal budget and the recording of expenses, the Mint application allows you to synchronize the data of your bank and your card to have an updated and secure view of your financial status. It’s excessive if all you’re looking for is a little help with the simple budget, but Mint Personal Finance is great if you’re looking for more features.

5. IOU – Debt Manager (Android, iOS: Payment)

For a budget tool that is a bit more focused, see IOU – Debt Manager (Android, iOS), an application that helps you track who owes you (or what you owe to others). Three simple tabs allow you to keep track of what people owe and what you owe to other people and a contact page with summaries of what each individual should in their contact profile.

Users can set up partial or recurring payments, recurring debts, create nonmonetary loans (such as a borrowed book) complete with images of the item, set a payment date and more. The application is synchronized between platforms and devices, and in addition, you can see a history of past debts settled.

6. Mvelopes app (Android, iOS: free)

Where does all the money go? At the end of the month, you may be surprised at how much your lattes cost in the morning (no kidding). Mvelopes (Android, iOS) gives you the tools to keep track of your daily expenses while keeping your weekly or monthly budget focused.

The application has an “envelope budgeting” system that helps you plan and get feedback on how you spend your money. A universal account screen allows you to view checks, savings and credit card balances in one place. You can even synchronize the mobile application with the Mvelopes web application.

7. digit app (Android, iOS: free)

The digit can be the easiest way to save some extra dollars without even trying. Every few days, Digit (Android, iOS) checks your expenses and tries to recover some dollars from your checking account, if you can pay them. After connecting your checking account to Digit, the application analyzes your income and expenses in search of small amounts (most of the time between $ 2- $ 17) to set aside and transfer to your digit savings. The application never transfers more than it can pay, so do not worry: the application has a guarantee of no overdraft.

8. Personal capital app (Android, iOS: free)

The more complex your financial life, the more help you will need to administer it. By linking all your investment accounts, the Personal Capital finance application (Android, iOS) allows you to see everything in one place, offering an overview of your income, expenses and investments. The application helps you control spending and finances with interactive cash flow tools, ensuring you do not spend more than you earn. Advisors are available to provide investment advice as you use the application to track investments and review asset allocations.

9. stash app (Android, iOS: free, with account charges)

Stash (Android, iOS) is another mobile microinvestment application that consists in reserving small amounts for long-term investments. Stash employs fractional shares to allow its investors to become fashionable even at $ 5, with a variety of investment strategies and ETFs along with an integrated “Stash Coach” to help you strategize. The first month is free, after which accounts have a charge of $ 1 per month, or 0.25 percent of the account value per year, for accounts over $ 5000.

10. acorns app (Android, iOS: free)

Acorns ( Android , iOS) toma el microinversión móvil, tomando el cambio adicional de sus compras e invirtiéndolo en fondos cotizados en bolsa (ETF) para acumular lentamente capital inicial para su futuro. Una vez que se registra con su cuenta bancaria o detalles de la tarjeta, Acorns le proporciona un cuestionario para desarrollar su situación financiera y sus objetivos, y luego la aplicación recomendará una combinación de ETF para que pueda invertir.

Each time you make a purchase with your card or linked account, Acorns takes the replacement change (rounding to the nearest dollar) to invest, increasing your portfolio over time. Users can also manually configure unique investments and recurring investments. Instead of charging you for a transaction, Acorns charges a nominal monthly fee of $ 1 per month for accounts of less than $ 5,000, or 0.25 percent per month for accounts over $ 5,000.

11. Everydollar app (Android, iOS: free)

EveryDollar (Android, iOS) is a budget planning and financial application based on the principles of money guru Dave Ramsey. Simply enter your monthly income, and then you can easily build the basics of your budget with a large number of recommended (and customizable) expense categories.

Users can enter their expenses throughout the day in the mobile application, which is synchronized between the devices and the web interface. A subscription to EveryDollar Plustis a cost per year allows users to link their bank and card accounts with their EveryDollar profile to automatically record and track their purchases, saving them inconvenience.

12. YNAB app (Android, iOS: Payment)

A complementary application of the popular personal budget platform You Need A Budget, YNAB (Android, iOS) keeps your personal budget close at all times. The YNAB mobile application allows you to quickly consult your accounts, budget categories, enter new transactions and modify your budget categories on the go with your mobile phone.

The application is synchronized with your other devices, which allows you to keep your budget data updated on Android, iOS and web versions and the web version also contains a variety of educational tools and guides designed to help users build good budget habits and financial discipline.

13. Dollarbird (Android, iOS: free)

Dollarbird (Android, iOS) adopts a collaborative approach focused on the calendar for the budget and the tracking of expenses. You can add, delete and edit past and future expenses and income in a calendar style view, with some AI help to categorize your entries.

You can view your expenses and income in the calendar and timeline mode, or through a series of practical infographics on your mobile device or through a web interface. Premium users can create multiple budget calendars and share them with other users to collaboratively manage and record finances and expenses, ideal for small teams or families.

14. Wally app (Android, iOS: free)

Wally aims to bring all the financial information you need to an easy view so you can take control of your finances quickly. Users can set a goal of savings, expenses and income, which can be quickly referenced on the main screen.

We like that you can create and visualize expenses quickly, keep track of the money saved and save the objectives. Practical functions include social and location tools for your expenses, which allows you to record not only how much you spend, but also where and with whom, as well as detailed information about your expenses.

15. Home Budget with Sync app (Android, iOS: Pay)

Home Budget with Sync (Android, iOS) is a robust budget and expense management application with an organized Family function that allows users to easily set a budget and then synchronize revenue and expenses between multiple devices.

Home Budget allows users to create a budget, manage revenue amounts and easily record and classify expenses over time. Users can easily track purchases and know their spending habits with charts, infographics or detailed shopping lists. However, the real point of sale is the family exchange, which synchronizes your budget and purchases, allowing you to easily coordinate your accounts and expenses with family or friends.

16. Honeyfi (Android, iOS: free)

Honeyfi (Android, iOS) is another application based on the collaborative budget and the homes in mind. You can quickly set up a family budget, as well as link your individual and household accounts to the application so you can see all your expenses together.

You can tag transactions, add comments, create categories, and have the application automatically recommend a budget and share financial information that can help you and your partner control your expenses and plan your finances together.

17. Clarity Money (Android, iOS: free)

Clarity Money (Android, iOS) is a free personal finance application that helps you manage your budget and save money through a variety of methods. Users link their bank and card accounts to the application, and then Clarity analyzes their spending behavior, identifies opportunities to save money, such as discounts and coupons for their bills, points out subscriptions they may not be using, and helps you create a budget and track your expenses. Users can also set a savings goal, with Clarity Money taking a fixed amount from their bank account periodically to deposit into a savings account.

18. spendee app (Android, iOS: free)

Spendee (Android, iOS) features a bright and easy-to-use interface that comes with excellent budget tracking tools, whether you are a free user or a subscriber.

Expenses are quickly recorded in categories, with the option of taking pictures of invoices and receipts to facilitate storage. The Feed tab allows you to easily scroll through your expenses, while the Overview mode gives you useful information about your expenses over time, as well as a breakdown of the items and categories in which you are spending your money. Spendee has also added a budget creation tool, lifting it from the expense tracker to the appropriate budget application. Premium users can create multiple budgets, multiple savings wallets (sharable) and synchronize their data easily through multiple devices.

19. fudget app (Android, iOS: free)

Fudget (Android, iOS), on the other hand, has to do with fast simplicity and the ability to use the application anywhere. A button allows you to add income, other expenses, all of which can be tagged and reordered in a simple timeline that shows your balance at the bottom.

When passing each entry, you can set it as a periodic entry or delete it. And that is. No folders, no savings categories, photos, graphics or other gimcrackery. Advanced users will be left wanting more, but for a quick record of expenses, Fudget is an agile and easy to use application. A purchase in the app provides themes and a built-in calculator, while eliminating advertising.

20. Wela app (iOS: free)

Wela is another personal finance application that adopts an all-in-one approach to financial management, with users able to link their bank and card accounts to the application to get a quick overview of their financial situation and unleash the intelligence assistant Wela financial

Users can control their income, as well as track and categorize their expenses. The application also provides an overview of related investments and net worth. The AI ​​robot of Amnesty International can provide you with financial and savings advice based on your personalized goals, with premium services available if you set up a Wela Strategies investment account.

21. PocketGuard (Android and iOs: free)

PocketGuard (Android, iOS) is an all-in-one budget tracking and tracking application that shows you how much you have in your accounts, as well as how much you can spend for that day.

The application connects to your bank and card accounts through an encrypted and read-only connection, which allows you to quickly see the status of your accounts and transactions without ceasing to be secure. The application automatically classifies your purchases, subscriptions, bill payments and other factors in your previous expenses to give you an estimate of how much you can safely spend on your accounts without entering red balances.

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