The 10+ best PSP emulators for Android

In this article are the best emulators of the Sony PSP portable console for Android, many of them are an improved copy of the main emulator PPSSPP.

The Sony PSP is one of the oldest portable game consoles in history. He enjoyed a seven-year career with several new models that came out at regular intervals.

It has a ton of games and Sony even transferred some PlayStation games to the PSP . Now, you can play PSP games on your mobile phone or tablet .

We recommend starting with PPSSPP because it is inevitably the best, however if that does not work, we have 9 more on the list.

ūüŹÜ List of the 10 best sony psp portable console emulators

ūü•á¬†PPSSPP – PSP emulator (Android – Free)

psp emulatorPPSSPP is by far the best of the PSP play station console emulators. Of all the emulators we tested, PPSSPP was the easiest to use, had the best compatibility and the best performance.

PPSSPP receives frequent updates, has a paid version that removes ads and is the one that most other developers copy from. We recommend you try this first. The free version with advertising works well if you want to try it. The price of $ 5.99 removes the ads. The application is also open source.

More information: PPSSPP

ūü•ą¬†Rapid PSP Emulator for PSP Games

Rapid PSP Emulator for PSP GamesEmulator to play PSP video games on an Android device. Rapid PSP Emulator can emulate and run any homebrew PSP game you want (just like the PS4 or PS3 games on the original consoles).

As we are fans of the decade of PSP games, we surely know what is most important in emulation: simple adjustments to the game controls, maximum compatibility with PSP games, game speed, image and sound quality. Now everything is really nice, just play Rapid Emulator and you will really be a surprised person from the emulation.

All emulated games use your smartphone in the same way as the console with the game controller. Enjoy the warlord game, Rapid PSP Emulator offers you the ability to enjoy the highest quality of play, enjoy homebrew applications and fantastic PSP games.

Download for Android:  Rapid PSP Emulator

ūü•Č¬†Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP (Android – Free)

Rocket PSP Emulator for PSPRocket PSP Emulator is a very average emulator. It is relatively new, it still has some errors and its compatibility is fine.

It uses the open source project PPSSPP so it has many of the same features. That includes the save and load states, a software driver and, again, decent compatibility. We had no overwhelming problem during our tests.

However, you may want to try something a little more mature like PPSSPP itself.¬†Even so, if it doesn’t work for you, this is an option.¬†It is completely free with advertising.¬†There are a lot of PSP emulators like this.¬†You can search it on Google Play, throw a stone and hit others like this.¬†That doesn’t make it bad, but it doesn’t make it special either.

Download for Android:  Rocket PSP

4. RetroArch (Android РFree)

RetroArchRetroArch is one of the most unique PSP emulators. Actually, you can emulate a ton of different game systems.

RetroArch uses the Libretro system. It basically runs add-ons that act as emulators. Therefore, RetroArch can do anything from SNES to emulate Sony and PSP, provided it has the required add-on.

The emulator seems to work fine, but like most, there are compatibility issues here and there. There is also a learning curve since the system is quite complex. Even so, it is a good test and is completely free and open source.

Download for Android:  RetroArch

5. Sunshine Emulator for PSP

Sunshine Emulator for PSPThis is another free PSP emulator, developed by ¬ęExpertArts Studio¬Ľ.¬†SunShine Emulator for PSP is undoubtedly one of the best available.¬†This PSP emulator is compatible with virtually all recent Android versions.¬†You can download the application from the Play Store.

A large number of PSP games can be run using this emulator at full speed. You will feel better gaming experience, get smooth playability and great FPS.

Download for Android:  Sunshine Emulator

6. Enjoy PSP Emulator to play PSP games (Android Рfree)

Enjoy PSP Emulator to play PSP games

This is another of the best PSP emulators for Android phones to play PSP games. Enjoy Emulator for PSP is a lightweight Android application that is compatible with Android 2.3 or a higher version. It provides high definition graphics and easy to play controls. Enjoy Emulator for PSP can run a lot of PSP games. Simply download and place the ISO file of the game on our SD card. Approximately 500 thousand users have downloaded this emulator.

Download for Android:  Enjoy PSP Emulator

7. PSPlay PSP Emulator (Android РFree)

PSPlay PSP EmulatorPSPlay is one of the newest PSP emulators. It presents a lot of common things, including save and load states, compatibility with the hardware controller and network playback capabilities.

It worked with all the games we tested during our tests. However, there are many more games than we had time to try. Therefore, there may be occasional games with delays or audio problems. Some Google Play reviewers have even found some. Even so, this is an above-average emulator that is completely free without purchases within the application. There are ads, however. In addition, it is based on the PPSSPP open source project.

The good thing about PSPlay PSP Emulator is that it was really made for the loyal PSP user.¬†You can play all your favorite games, no matter where you are, and take advantage of network capabilities and save statuses.¬†If you’ve been on the fence for trying an emulator, this can be an excellent one to start.

Download for Android:  PSPlay

8. DamonPS2 Pro PS2 Emulator РEmu PS2 PPSSPP PSP (Android РPayment)

DamonPS2 Pro PS2 EmulatorThe DamonPS2 Pro PSP Emulator is a fantastic option, but we recommend that you make sure you know that you will like PSP emulation beforehand, since the cost is even higher than the PPSSPP emulator.¬†Yes, it is actually twice the price, reaching $ 10 for the application.¬†But before letting that scare you, let’s talk about all the amazing features it has to offer.

With an easy-to-use interface, the DamonPS2 Pro PSP emulator is really easy to understand.¬†This application is compatible with NEON acceleration, widescreen games, high resolution and more.¬†But the really amazing thing is that this application is always being updated, and there are many features that are currently in process for future releases, such as traps, frame skips and a more interactive game panel.¬†So, if you’re on the fence spending the $ 10, you can be sure that this application is always getting better.

Download for Android:  Emu PS2 PPSSPP PSP

9. PSP Emulator Pro

PSP Emulator ProIf you are new to emulation, especially this type of video game, then PSP Emulator Pro is excellent to try a bit.

It is completely, it offers high definition graphics and an extremely clear sound, which is always important to have.

There are too many amazing features in this application, but we will highlight one of our absolute favorites. With this particular emulator, you can play against a friend for a challenge.

That’s right, you can even bring your friends to accompany you on your favorite PSP games on your mobile device.¬†They can connect via Bluetooth, and can play against each other to enjoy an even more attractive and fun experience.

Download for Android:  PSP Emulator Pro

Sony PSP console features

In 2003, Sony was able to create a device that was appreciated by fans of portable devices around the world. A small model weighing about 300 grams had a 1800 mA battery, which distinguishes it between similar devices.

PSP-1000 had a memory of 32 MB, a screen with a diagonal of 110 mm, integrated stereo speakers and the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The exterior of the console looked attractive, with unusually rounded edges.

The device could be used not only for games, it was also possible to watch movies, the screen with a good resolution reproduced video files and photos stored on the memory card. The stereo speakers were weak, but when using headphones, you could get excellent sound.

The distinctive capability of the PSP-1000 was the high-quality uninterrupted operation of the game processor, an impressive graphic image for that moment, bright and deep colors of the game scenes.

Periodic software updates, launched by the manufacturer, constantly expanded the capabilities of the built-in functionality. The duration of the continuous game for several hours could be easily achieved with the battery capacity, and the design of the charging adapter allowed to continue playing during recharging of the device.

Where can I find PSP rooms and video games?

Today, you can use your phone instead of the console and play the same games with the help of the emulator. Discover the list of the best PSP ISO games by searching google for the name of romsmode . Then to start playing, simply download the appropriate emulator and portable PlayStation ROMs.

Enjoy your favorite Playstation Portable games. This page has gathered a collection of 3282 roms of PSP, which you can download for free.

With the PSP emulator you want, you can run your favorite games on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device. You can sort rom games by genre or region. The collection includes the best PSP ROM games such as: Grand Theft Auto РVice City Stories, Naruto Shippuden РUltimate Ninja Impact, God Of War РGhost Of Sparta, Dragon Ball Z РTenkaichi Tag Team, Tekken 6 and many others.

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