The 10+ best uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

These are the most profitable options for a UPS and taking into account the great diversity of its features, it is almost guaranteed that you will find something to your liking.

1CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD

So far, one of the most capable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or UPS units on the market is the CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD. It has an advanced set of 12 NEMA outlets, of which 6 have battery backup protection and the others are only protected against overvoltages. Other highlights include the multifunction LED panel and automatic voltage maintenance.

The goal of anyone who needs to buy a UPS is to obtain constant AC power. This model comes with Automatic Voltage Regulation that ensures a clean energy regulating overvoltages and low voltages. There are certain minor fluctuations that can appear so this resolves them.

An interesting skill that is presented in this UPS is the GreenPower Bypass design, patented by CyberPower. With your help, you can let the public network power bypass the UPS transformer. This can be done under certain conditions, such as when the AC power is stable. As a result, noise, heat buildup and energy consumption are greatly reduced.

When it comes to ease of use, this UPS provides a convenient LCD screen that displays important information about your unit. You can give alerts to prepare in advance for possible problems. An intuitive interface is also provided through the PowerPanel Personal software that can be used to control some relevant configurations.

Considering its performance and safety features, CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD should be at the top of its list of candidates for a high quality UPS. As it has an Energy Star rating, it has powerful administration software and all the points of sale that it could need, this is a highly recommended unit.

Main features:

- Overload protection
- Automatic voltage regulation
- Simulated sine wave output
- 12 outlets of which 6 have backup battery
- GreenPower UPS Bypass Design
- Personal Software PowerPanel

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2Of the best UPS for for Gaming (Videogames)

APC is a very popular manufacturer in the UPS industry and one of the main options of its line is the BR1500G model. When the power is cut off, you can really depend on your 1500VA / 865W backup battery. Any important electronic device, such as a computer or an external hard drive, can benefit from uninterrupted power.

The receptacles included with this UPS can protect against surges and spikes. There is also protection against overvoltages in the data line that works well to protect the connected equipment in the data lines. Automatic voltage regulation is also available to correct various extreme voltage conditions and the battery is also charged intelligently to manage the required power more efficiently.

You have a good amount of time to save files if you get a power cut thanks to the reliable backup battery of this unit. This is more useful for a desktop computer, but other electronic devices, such as routers, must also maintain connectivity, which is very useful during power outages.

With 100W, you can get 75 minutes of support time, which is pretty good. Events can cause audible alarms to alert you to possible problems. This is useful in most cases, although some people may find them annoying, for this reason, there is a front button that silences the alarm. To adjust the configuration of the alarm and many others, you can trust it with the PowerChute software.

There are many devices that can take advantage of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) like this. It is good to use it to protect your computer from power outages and other electrical problems, but it is also recommended for consoles, wireless routers, and cable-satellite boxes. You can maintain connectivity and not lose important data.

Considering its characteristics, it is safe to say that the APC BR1500G has all the qualities to be considered an excellent UPS option. The execution time in case of power failure is quite high for the average configuration. It depends on what you plan to promote but, in general, it seems to be a very reliable unit with good performance.

Main features:

- 1500VA / 865W backup battery
- Automatic voltage regulation
- 10 total outputs
- 5 outlets with backup battery
- LCD screen

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3Best UPS for computer

The CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD comes with a backup of the PFC Sine Wave battery and provides 10 NEMA outputs, 5 with battery backup and overvoltage protection, and the other 5 designed to cover less important devices that only need protection against surges.

With the help of an LCD panel, you can take a look at the detailed information about the battery status of the UPS. It also monitors power conditions and delivers advance notifications in case problems are detected. You can be sure that it will be ready when critical equipment is in danger.

There is an intuitive software used to control the UPS called PowerPanel Personal. Navigating through the interface you can adjust various energy management functions. You only need to connect the PC to the USB or serial ports to configure everything. It is important to mention that the software is available for free download.

One of the highlights of this model is the ability to provide sine wave output. This is great news for those who own computers with Active PFC power supplies that, in order to function in the best possible way, require AC power from a sine wave. This means that this UPS represents one of the most solid options if you need reliable backup power.

To stabilize the incoming AC signal, this model comes with automatic voltage regulation. The output power is kept constant at 120 volts by adjusting the voltages that are too low or too high. This process does not use battery power, which means you can expect a prolonged battery life while reducing the possibility of data loss.

If you plan to protect a medium to high level computer, this CyberPower UPS brings a lot of value to the table. The batteries do not require maintenance and the user can easily replace them. All in all, this could be a useful device if it meets your power requirements taking into account reliable monitoring applications, design options and reliable execution time.

Main features:

- 10 outlets of which 5 come with battery backup protection
- Sine wave output
- Multifunction LCD panel
- Data line and surge protection
- Automatic voltage regulation
- Silent design

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4Best UPS for home BE600M1 (The best UPS for small accessories)

For those who have less demanding energy needs, the APC BE600M1 Back-UPS should be a solid combination. It comes with 5 outputs that offer the function of reliable battery backup and 2 outputs that are only protected against surges. There is also a handy USB charging port included, so it seems a balanced model in terms of features by price.

When you look closely at the way the UPS is designed, you may discover that it is not a very complicated device and that it is actually very easy to use. At the top of the unit, there are many important items, such as power outlets, the USB port and the power button. The 5 outputs that also offer battery backup as well as surge protection are clearly separated from the 2 overvoltage-only receptacles.

Near the bottom of the UPS, near the power cord, there is a handy circuit breaker button that is used to reset the circuit if necessary. The battery of this model has an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years, which is quite decent. If you need a replacement, you can get a new APC battery cartridge.

Finding out how long a UPS unit will keep your computer on if it experiences a power failure is critical information. The execution times vary greatly depending on the power requirements of your PC and other connected devices, so the only way to get a good estimate is to dig a little deeper into the PowerChute software. Here you can manage and control various configurations and the friendly interface must also contain an "Estimated battery time".

Anyone looking to make sure their critical electronic components are not vulnerable to electrical damage when power outages suddenly occur should check the APC Back-UPS BE600M1 that offers instant power to the battery allowing it to stay connected whether it is at home enjoying a game online or in the office working on important documents.

Main features:

- 7 total points of sale of which 5 have a backup battery
- One USB charging port 1.5A
- 600VA / 330W battery backup
- 6 milliseconds of transfer time
- PowerChute software

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5Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT 120 V, 10 receptacles

There is nothing more frustrating when working on a computer than short blackouts from nowhere. With a reliable UPS like the Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT, that can become a reality and you will never have to worry about such problems again.

For a computer, you can expect about 90 minutes of run time, although this is reduced to only 10 minutes of run time if you are halfway through the load. Of the 10 supplied outlets, half is capable of providing uninterrupted power through the battery and the other half only provides basic surge protection.

The voltage drops and overvoltages can be corrected through the Automatic Voltage Regulation and the good news is that it is not necessary to remove the battery power. More energy is conserved to be ready for critical blackouts. The protection also extends to Ethernet / DSL / TEL. This UPS comes with a noise filter as well as surge protection to prevent EMI / RFI noise from affecting your equipment.

Thanks to the overvoltage protection function of the data line, the overloads that may arise through the data lines no longer represent a danger to your sensitive electronic components. The UPS not only protects against overvoltages of the AC power line, but also manages the surges that may appear in the coaxial lines, the connected telephone and the network.

This model comes with a free software used to manage and control the UPS. In addition to monitoring the power consumption, you can also enable certain functions, such as shutdown without monitoring the system. The batteries in this unit are fully replaceable by the user, but this can only be done after the warranty has expired.

Taking into account all its capabilities, Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT easily manages to earn a place in this list. It is one of the best UPS units in terms of safety, ease of use and general reliability. It can protect various computer systems or other important audio / video equipment and offers its services at a very reasonable cost.

Main features:

- 10 connection points (Outlets) in total
- 5 connection points (Receptacles) with power backup
- Automatic voltage regulation
- Free management software
- Hot-swappable batteries
- Surge protection

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6CyberPower CP600LCD 8, compact UPS

Another reliable CyberPower UPS is the CP600LCD, a solid model in all aspects. It is a compact unit with standby topology, 8 outputs, surge protection and Another reliable CyberPower UPS is the CP600LCD, a solid model in all aspects. Data loss and electronic damage will be a thing of the past with the help of this UPS.

Due to the standby topology function, the UPS will be able to handle situations when the incoming power is lower or higher than the accepted voltage safety levels. It can automatically switch to DC battery power, which is then inverted to AC power for a constant power for your connected devices.

To get some clues about the current state of your UPS, the manufacturer equipped the unit with a convenient LCD display that shows immediate relevant information. Potential problems can be solved more quickly thanks to the alert function that focuses on making the user aware of the problems in advance.

With the help of PowerPanel Personal software, which can be downloaded for free when you get this UPS system, you can participate with an intuitive interface to control and manage various configurations. The connection of the UPS to a computer is made through a serial or USB port and among the functions of this software we can count the event log, the administration of the execution time and the self-test.

This model only manages to generate an approximate sine wave through pulse wave modulation, which means that it is only recommended for equipment that does not have strict standards for a pure sine wave output. As the UPS comes with the Energy Star certification, you can count on it being energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Whether you plan to protect your home equipment or that of a small office, the CyberPower CP600LCD can deal with any sudden power outages in a very efficient way. The design is also well done and considering the right prices, this UPS is worth the money if you need a high quality power backup solution.

Main features:

- 8 total outputs
- 4 points of sale with backup battery
- Multi-function LCD screen
- Standby topology
- Simulated sinusoidal wave
- Energy Star rating

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7Ecological UPS system CyberPower EC650LCD (The best UPS for your network and accessories)

A very balanced UPS that can help many users protect their critical equipment is the CyberPower EC650LCD. It has 8 NEMA outputs, half with battery backup and the other half only provides protection against surges. Three of these outputs are also controlled by ECO to reduce energy costs by avoiding wastage.

The reduction of the energy consumption can be done through GreenPower's high efficiency UPS technology. For this, a more compact charger is used combined with a power inverter that provides backup power to your important devices with superior efficiency.

One of the outstanding features of this UPS is the Eco Mode. Users can alternate the capacity of certain outputs that come with surge protection. If your computer is off or in suspension, the UPS will turn off the power of the PC peripherals that are also connected to the Eco Mode outputs. Over time, you may experience a decent energy saving.

User interaction is managed through both the multifunction LED panel and the special PowerPanel Personal software. The display together with the LED status lights will inform you of the current status of the UPS and the power conditions. The software is very useful for adjusting important device configurations and is available at no cost.

The typical recharge time for the battery of this unit is around 8 hours. At 160W, the UPS manages a support time of 10.7 minutes. When it comes to surge protection, it is worth mentioning that you can expect an absorbing capacity of 526 Joules which should be sufficient to keep the connected devices safe from damage.

When all its features are taken into account, the CyberPower EC650LCD seems a very attractive option at this cost. It is not a UPS difficult to maintain considering that the user can replace their battery. On average, you can expect around 20 minutes of support time after the power is cut off, which is decent enough. A solid purchase in general.

Main features:

- 650VA / 390W eco-friendly battery support system
- 4 battery backup outputs
- 4 surge-protected outlets - Eco
- Convenient LCD display

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