20+ best web browser browser apps for Android and iphone

A good web browsing application can make even slower and unresponsive pages better by speeding them up.

With that in mind, here are the best browsers for Android and Iphone.

1. mini uc browser (Android / ios) – free

UC Browser is one of the most powerful and popular Android browsers. However, UC Browser Mini has our heart at this time. Technically it is an Android Go application. However, unlike many, this is available for most devices in most regions. It has a small installation size, night mode, incognito mode, gesture control and some additional features. It’s like a version of UC Browser that has been reduced in a good way. In addition, it is free without purchases within the application. It is a good option for those looking for a small and simple browser with some additional advantages.

2. Lynket Browser previously Chromer (Android) – free

Lynket was previously the popular Chromer browser. The change of brand occurred at the beginning of 2018. It remains the same browser at its core.

It allows you to open web links from virtually any application on custom Chrome tabs, even if the application does not natively support custom Chrome tabs. In addition, the application includes Web Heads, similar to Flynx or the previous Brave browser.

The double penetration of Chrome Custom Tabs and Web Heads is enough to make this one of the most exclusive Android browsers. It works best for multitasking, frequent browsers and people who really like Chrome custom tabs.

3. Lightning Web Browser (Android / iOS) – free

Lightning Browser has returned to this list as one of the best Android browsers. It presents a light experience combined with a simple design. In addition, it comes with several features such as ad units, theming and more. It also has Orbot compatibility as a Tor proxy. That’s almost as safe as web browsing.

The support is a bit inconsistent but it works. The free version is functional. However, you must pay for the Pro version to get unlimited tabs and ad blocking. It is also open source.

4. flynx browser (Android) – free

Flynx from InfiKen Labs has come a long way since its inception. This unique browser works in a floating window instead of a full screen mode. This allows a fast web browsing.
Nor does it force you to abandon the application you are currently using. When you click on the links, they open a small bubble on the side of the screen and the page will load in the background until you decide to click on the bubble to read it yourself. It also comes with some other features, such as night mode. It’s something different in the space of Android browsers.

5. Ghostery Privacy Browser (Android / ios) – free

Ghostery has a great focus on security and it shows. Get information about what each company is learning every time you visit its website. You can block anything you do not feel comfortable with and take full control of your Internet footprint. The application itself does not even retain any information that you do not specify.

Quickly erase cookies, import information from other browsers and block all crawlers at the touch of a finger. This is the best option for anyone concerned about what they are doing online.

6. Yandex Browser with Protect (Android / ios) – free

Yandex is a popular search engine that has overtaken Google in Russia. Your browser application for iPhone is about safe browsing. It can be a good alternative for Safari if you get bored of the monotonous appearance of the default iOS browser. Yandex reduces the use of data and accelerates the loading time of the page with its special Turbo mode. All the basic functions of a browser application are available in this iOS browser application.

7. Phoenix Browser app (Android) – free

Phoenix Browser does many things well. There are good features, such as ad blocking, data storage functions (popular in less developed countries), night mode, privacy mode and more.

Its biggest claims of fame are its compatibility with 34 languages ​​and its offline download mode. Basically, almost any video or web page can be saved to view them offline. There are some undesirable problems here and there. However, most of them are insignificant. This is a pretty decent web browser, even if it is not as powerful as the big dogs in this space.

8. Naked Browser web browser (Android) – free

The naked browser may seem simple, but it’s not a joke. Lose many of today’s current characteristics in favor of speed and simplicity. Of course, that means that some sacrifices had to be made.

However, the developers made those sacrifices with an admirable lack of repentance. The browser does the basics, such as shortcuts, bookmarks and history. Thanks to their reduced nature, sites tend to load fairly quickly. Those looking for something eye-catching will not get it with this one. The developer is also a bit grumpy with user comments sometimes. Still, it is one of the best Android browsers.

9. Maxthon Browser (Android / ios) – free

It is an awesome browser for Android. It is also available for iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows. The application is very advanced with its features and satisfies users in all possible ways.

Maxthon5 has an integrated tool for taking notes, password manager, email address manager, ad blocker, shows the latest news, customizable speed dial, night mode, etc., which makes it one of the best alternatives for the Android browser. It’s fast, secure and provides a smooth user experience.

10. Brave Browser (Android / iOS) – free

Brave Browser is one of the newest Android browsers. It came out in 2016 and has a variety of features. There is a built-in ad blocker. In addition, you can block third-party cookies, block scripts and have HTTPS everywhere. Includes configuration per site, if needed. It also has optimizations to improve the speed and duration of the battery. It also has most of the basic functions, such as bookmarks, history and privacy mode (incognito).

11. Dolphin (Android / iOS) – free

Dolphin was launched more than four years ago, but has managed to remain relevant with features such as Dolphin Sonar, which allows you to search for things with your voice (“search eBay on Nike Shoes” and “go to Google.com”), as well as share content on social networks.

Today you can do many of these things with artificial intelligence assistants, but it is still good to have it integrated in a browser. Gesture navigation allows you to mark web pages with gestures like your fingers, and Webzine, Dolphin’s response to Flipboard, adds more than 300 web sources in a variety of disciplines in a summary of an offline “magazine”.
Dolphins are competitive in other ways. Like Firefox and Puffin, it supports add-ons, tabbed browsing, private browsing, password synchronization, and deletes ads with a built-in ad blocker. It is synchronized through Dolphin Connect, too. Simply log in to your Google or Facebook account, install the Chrome or Firefox extension, on your computer and your tabs, history and bookmarks will be synchronized in the background. Dolphins is also one of the best browsers for the iPhone, and there is a reason for that.

12. Microsoft Edge (Android / iOS) – free

Do not skip this one because you just saw “Microsoft” in the title. Yes, it has a bad lineage, but do not let that discourage you from the actual uses of Microsoft Edge. First, if you use Microsoft Edge on any other device, you can use this browser to continue where you left it on your phone, and here you will find all your passwords, favorite sites and read list. Hub View makes finding new and favorite content easier, a text reading mode makes it easy to read and there is even a QR code reader and a voice search option. Sure, it lacks the features of some of the other browsers, but if you use Edge on another device, it’s useful to have it installed.

13. firefox focus (Android / iOS) – free

The Mozilla Firefox browser is good for general purpose browsing, but if you are looking for something more concerned with security, there is Firefox Focus. The application has a simplified interface that hides ads, shows you how many tracking programs are actively blocking on a particular page and periodically reminds you to delete your browsing history. Firefox Focus allows users to surf the Internet like ghosts, with the security that they can easily avoid tracking ads and other problems. Better yet, it is ideal for phones with limited space, since the download only takes up 4 MB of space on your phone.

14. Opera (Android / iOS) – free

Opera Mobile, que proviene del equipo que desarrolló Opera para Windows y MacOS, recibe regularmente nuevas funciones a través de actualizaciones gratuitas. Algunas de las características más recientes son un bloqueador de anuncios incorporado que elimina los anuncios de las páginas web, una barra de búsqueda rediseñada que puede escanear códigos QR y una fuente de noticias inteligente en su página de inicio que recomienda noticias para leer.

There is a good incognito mode for when you need to go incognito and there is a built-in data protector to continue for longer. It supports tabbed browsing, has a password management system and can complete forms automatically if desired. Like Chrome, if you sign in with an Opera account, you’ll synchronize your sessions with other devices you’ve signed in to.

15. Puffin app (Android / iOS) – free

CloudMosa’s Puffin browser does not have the same pedigree as some of the competition, but it makes up for it with features like emulation of the mouse cursor, a virtual gamepad and a theme selector. However, what really separates Puffin from the crowd is support for Adobe Flash.content.

One of its main points of sale is the use of remote servers to download and transmit web pages, Flash games and videos to your device, which makes the load very fast and your phone to make an effort. Because much of the data used by Puffin is stored in the cloud, it is also one of the best browsers to use in insecure public Wi-Fi and should help keep your data safe from hackers. Puffin also has a privacy mode, data compression and a handful of add-ons such as Twitter, Facebook and Pocket. However, because Puffin is not available in some countries, you should investigate before trying to use it.

16. DuckDuckGo Privacy browser (Android / iOS) – free

¿No te gusta sentir que alguien está mirando por encima de tu hombro mientras navegas? El motor de búsqueda DuckDuckGo ha sido preferido por cualquier persona incómoda con el seguimiento de búsqueda de Google, y el navegador DuckDuckGo ahora significa que los usuarios conscientes de la privacidad pueden navegar fácilmente en sus teléfonos sin preocuparse por las preocupaciones de los gustos de DuckDuckGo. Hermano mayor. El navegador DuckDuckGo obliga a los sitios web a utilizar el cifrado, bloquea los rastreadores de anuncios y nunca rastreará sus búsquedas. También califica los sitios web individuales para la privacidad, y los califica en un rango de calificaciones de “A” a “F”. Cuando haya terminado y desee eliminar la nueva cuenta, el botón de Disparo borrará todas las pestañas y abrirá los datos con un solo toque.

17. Ecosia (Android / iOS) – free

Who does not love trees? Ecosia is a browser with a difference: the searches carried out through Ecosia’s own search contribute to a well that is used to plant new trees. Up to 80 percent of Ecosia’s profits are destined to plant new trees and it expects to plant a billion new trees by 2020.

That’s a lot of additional foliage and a great reason to use this browser. It’s based on Chromium, so if you’re used to Chrome, this should not be a big change from what you’re used to, and Ecosia posts all the tree purchase receipts on your website, as well as the financial reports. – Just to be sure that your money is not wasted.

18. Samsung Internet Browser Beta (android) – Free

The Internet browser, aptly titled Samsung, recently reached the Pixel and Nexus devices, and is full of useful features. It supports content blockers such as AdBlock and Disconnect, as well as a high-contrast screen mode designed for users with vision problems.

There is an integrated download manager, and you can also use the browser to synchronize bookmarks, saved pages and tabs with non-Samsung devices through the corresponding Chrome extension. It is the best browser to use with a Dex Station or Gear VR headset and will work automatically with both accessories. If you go through a physical Beacon website in real life, this browser will let you know, and it also comes with the Amazon web assistant for a better online purchase. It is available for all Android devices with 5.0 Lollipop or later.

19. Google Chrome (Android / iOS) – free

Google Chrome has a large number of functions, including searches from the address bar, web browsing in private incognito mode and automatic filling of web forms with your data.

Chrome’s default home page is also surprisingly useful, as it contains news articles that you think you’ll like, as well as links to your favorite sites. You can also save any web page to see it offline, which is useful if you want to read something later. Google’s secure browsing also warns you about dangerous links and the built-in Google Translate means that no page is safe from unlimited reading.
As expected, Chrome really shines if you have a Google account. Once you log in, you will synchronize your bookmarks, tabs and history on all devices, remember your usernames and passwords, and autocomplete your searches on the web. But you do not need a Google account to take advantage of Chrome tabbed browsing, which allows you to switch between web pages with a few taps. The same goes for Data Saver, which compresses images, fonts and other web objects to speed up browsing and reduce data usage by 60 percent, according to Google statistics.

20. Firefox (Android / iOS) – free

Firefox, by Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization, is unique because it supports add-ons: third-party tools that increase your browsing experience in several ways.

There’s AdBlock Plus, the Speechify text-to-speech engine and the LastPass password manager, and that’s just scratching the surface. Add-ons also include themes that you can apply to change your appearance, so you can really customize your browsing experience.

But add-ons are not Firefox’s only contribution to mobile browsers. It has a night view mode that alters the colors of the web page to minimize the fatigue of blue light, there is a solid set of privacy controls that allow you to block ad networks to follow your browsing habits, and Firefox also has markers. The functions of password saving and tab synchronization are incomparable.

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