Top 15+ the best battery life smartphone 2019

It is difficult to spend more than 24 hours without charging your smartphone. Even the best battery technology simply can not maintain the charge for a long time.

The latest Qualcomm chips are more energy efficient than ever, and on the next Android P (for which a public beta version is now available), for example, it has an adaptive battery mode that limits the number of applications that consume energy.

Unfortunately, even with this new mode, you’re never going to use your smartphone for a week because of those big, bright screens along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G, and that’s before you consider our attachment to video games and streaming video

However, seeing this list you will know which are the cell phones with the longest battery life.

On the other hand there are a handful of simple software and hardware strategies that can be used to preserve battery life, including:

Reduce the brightness of the screen. The easiest way to conserve battery life while maintaining the full function is to reduce the brightness of the screen. For devices such as mobile phones that have an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, you can also use the “light in the dark” option for viewing.

Turn off the cellular network or limit the talk time. The connection to the cellular network uses the global system for the mobile communication module (GSM). GSM is the most dominant energy consumption component in a mobile phone, so it is beneficial to turn it off completely or at least limit the call time.

Use Wi-Fi, not 4G. With Wi-Fi you spend up to 40% less energy than 4G to surf the Internet, turn off mobile data and use Wi-Fi instead will help the battery life.

Limit video content Video processing is one of the operations with the highest energy consumption in a mobile device.

Activate smart battery modes. All modern mobile devices have an intelligent mode of battery saving (for example, Android has Energy Saving Mode and iOS has Low Power Mode). These software features modify the use of the central processing unit (CPU) for different applications, screen brightness, notifications and various hardware options to reduce power consumption.

Use the airplane mode. This mode generally disables GSM, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GPS functions on your devices. When deactivating all these auxiliary functions, the device will only use up to 5% of its usual power consumption with the screen off. As a comparison, simply having your device in idle mode can still use more than 15%.

Improving the battery capacity of your phone requires a combination of limiting the use of energy-intensive hardware and software, as well as handling mobile devices to maximize charging capacity and minimize battery degradation.

By adopting these simple strategies, users can extend the life of their battery by more than 40% on a given day, while maintaining a more constant battery capacity throughout the life of the device.

For those who want to extend the battery life even more we have the most complete list with cell phones and the duration in battery time of each one.

1. Cat S41 (Battery duration 15:19)

CAT S41Cat phones are famous for their battery life, and the Cat S41 lives up to that reputation without the price tag that accompanies other Cat models.

The 5,000 mAh battery that powers the Cat S41 not only lasts more than 15 hours in our test, it can also turn the phone into an external power pack that boosts the battery of other devices.

We want the camera on the S41 to work better, but if you need a phone that does not require a charge to get through the day, the Cat smartphone is hard to beat.

See prices on eBay: Cat S41

2. Cat S48C (13:08)

cat S48CAs with the Cat S41, the S48C lasts a long time in one charge. This recently launched phone, designed by Bullitt Group, lasted more than 13 hours, thanks to the 4,000 mAh of the phone. The S48c is available through Sprint and Verizon Enterprise, so it’s easy to get it in your hands. Our only complaint with the S48c’s battery is that it lacks the reverse charge function offered by the Cat S41.

The Cat S48c is made for your day. Whether at work or enjoying the outdoors, this phone is designed with the same durability that you would expect from Cat equipment. The Cat S48c is fall proof, dustproof, waterproof, and can even withstand extreme temperatures. You can also use the 13MP camera to take pictures underwater. With a 5 Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, you will not have to worry about a broken screen, and the screen works with gloves. In addition to that, the Cat S48c comes with a battery that lasts several days, not hours. No more unexpected costs for water damage, and it is not necessary to buy an expensive unstoppable waterproof casing with the Cat S48c.

See prices on eBay: Cat S48C

3. ZTE Blade Max View (12:48)

ZTE Blade Max ViewThe return of ZTE to the US market is not a complete success, but at least it can count on a long-lasting phone with the Max View Blade.

The 4,000 mAh battery in this economical phone helps the phone last almost 13 hours in our battery test. Our only complaint about the battery: it takes a long time to charge. We tried several different type C USB adapters, but each time it took several hours to fully charge this phone.

See prices on eBay: ZTE Blade Max View

4. Galaxy S10 Plus (12:35)

Samsung Galaxy S10The 4,100 mAh battery in Samsung’s latest large-screen phone has no problem keeping that dynamic AMOLED 6.4-inch screen on all day. We got a little more than 12.5 hours of battery life when we tested the Galaxy S10 Plus.

But a long battery is just one part of the history of energy management with the S10 Plus. The new S10 phones offer a wireless PowerShare feature that allows you to wirelessly charge another device (yes, even iPhones) by placing them on the back of the S10.

See prices on eBay: Galaxy S10 Plus

5. Google Pixel 2 XL (12:09)

Google Pixel 2 XLAre you looking for a long-lasting flagship phone that does not reach the $ 1,000 US mark? Instead, try the 6-inch Google phone from 2017, which remains available at Verizon.

The Pixel 2 XL lasted more than 12 hours in our battery test, beating the new Pixel 3 XL for more than 2 hours. And when you run out of juice with the Pixel 2 XL, the fast charge will give you 7 hours of battery life only 15 minutes after plugging it in.

Unfortunately, this phone does not offer wireless charging like most recent phones (including Pixel 3).

See prices on eBay: Google Pixel 2 XL

6. Moto X4 Android One (11:41)

Moto X4 Android OneIf you’re looking for a reason to jump into Google Fi wireless service, perhaps the Moto X4 Android One’s long battery life will convince you. This is a special variation of the mid-range Moto X4 for the wireless service of Google, and lasted for 11:41 of continuous web browsing. The Android One X4 offers a lower cost option for Google Fi along with its impressive battery life.

Advanced dual rear camera system From wide-angle landscapes to really impressive portraits, dual lenses raise each shot. The 12MP camera uses Dual Autofocus Pixel technology and 1.4um pixels to deliver sharp results in any light, while the 8 MP camera gives you a 120 ° field of view. go beyond the filters Provides more style portraits with fun editing tools like selective focus (bokeh) and selective black and white.

Benchmark detection shows you information about your surroundings. Scan business cards in your contacts and even scan bar codes to buy on the fly. Focus on a 12 MP + 8 MP rear camera style for brilliant, professional-looking photos all the time. In addition, enhanced controls in real time so you know what you captured.

See prices on eBay: Moto X4 Android One

7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Duration 11:35):

Huawei Mate 20 ProEconomical phones with large batteries and low resolution screens are usually at the top of this table, so it’s amazing to see a flagship cell phone that gives good faith around here. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is not just one of the phones of the year, but the current phone that we have tested with one of the best battery life.

Huawei has done a great job with the life of the battery, but the phone itself is very good: an incredible screen, three magnificent rear cameras and even a reverse wireless charge to recharge someone else’s phone.

Add to that the best EMUI software that is better than before, although it is somewhat expensive.

See prices on eBay: Huawei Mate 20 Pro

8. Apple XR (11:26)

Apple iPhone XRThe most colorful Apple iPhone is also the most durable. The iPhone XR became the best time for an Apple device in our battery test, which matches the 11:26 time of Samsung Note 9 and costs much less. Like the iPhone XS and XS Max, this 6.1-inch model supports wireless charging and fast charging, although the latter feature requires you to purchase a separate adapter.

  • 6.1-inch Liquid Retina (LCD) Screen
  • IP67 water and dust resistance (up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes)
  • 12 Mpx camera with optical image stabilization and TrueDepth 7 Mpx front camera: Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, Control
  • Depth and HDR Intelligent
  • Face ID to authenticate securely and use Apple Pay
  • A12 Bionic chip with next-generation Neural Engine
  • Wireless charging (works with Qi chargers)

See prices on eBay: Apple XR

9. Moto E5 Plus (battery test: 11:22)

Moto E5 PlusThis phone has an exceptional battery life. This is due to its relatively low specifications and a very large 5000mAh battery.

It also has a large 6-inch screen and is somewhat cheap. You sacrifice performance, but if you want a cheap smartphone with the longest battery, here it is.

The Moto E5 Plus combines power with style, packing a huge 5000 mAh battery with fast charge in a beautiful and shiny body.

Enjoy all your videos on an immersive Max Vision screen with excellent sound quality. Coming from Motorola, a pioneer of mobile phones, you can be assured of its high quality. Do not miss a moment with the fast autofocus and click on excellent images even in low light. Click on impressive selfies even in low light, with the front camera enabled with flash. Scan QR codes effortlessly by simply pointing the rear camera towards them.

See prices on eBay: Moto E5 Plus

10. Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 (Time 09:59)

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1The ZenFone Max Pro M1 has a huge battery and meets an excellent battery life. However, it loads very slowly.

The clean software that runs is very welcome and the 6-inch large screen is excellent for the price. Double cameras and solid construction make it an excellent choice if you want a simple and affordable phone that lasts two days.

The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 has everything to keep you entertained and connected: it has a FHD + screen of 15.21 cm (5.99) FHD + that offers stunning images, a dynamic 2nd generation NXP amplifier and a 5-magnet speaker that offers a Crystal clarity in the audio, a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Kryo Octa-core processor to perform multiple tasks without problems, and a 5000 mAh battery.

See prices on eBay: Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

11. Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra (09:57)

Sony Xperia XA2The XA2 Ultra is a large phone, but this means it has a huge battery. With that you get a big screen that lasts a whole day and something more.

This is due to the efficient processor, Android Oreo and a lower resolution screen than high-end phones. If you do not mind the size, it’s a great battery option.

Like any other Sony smartphone, the Sony Xperia XA2 has impeccable flagship features when it comes to intelligent design and engineering. The Sony Xperia XA2 is a smartphone with an impressive and striking design with metal front. It claims a new bodyless shape with wide bevels at the top and bottom of the screen. It is a thin device but tough enough to sustain the usual blows and use. With a general size of 5.5 inches makes the device easy to hold and control with one hand.

See prices on eBay: Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

12. Moto G6 (09:15)

Motorola Moto G6The Moto G6 is a leading drummer. Like other phones in this table, it is a mid-range phone, but what it loses in performance earns it enormously in longevity.

It also does it with a normal cell of 3000 mAh, which means that it is an affordable and elegant phone that runs Android Oreo.

With a 5.7 “HD Vision Vision screen, advanced imaging software and a non-removable long-life battery, it’s impressive how you look at it. In addition, with a pre-installed selection of applications, including Widget, Purchases and Alexa, Prime members enjoy easy access to daily offers, Prime movies and TV shows, Prime Music, photo storage and more, with an experience of single session start

See prices on eBay: Moto G6

13. Oppo RX17 Pro (08:57)

Oppo RX17 ProNot yet officially available in the UK, but on sale in Europe, the Oppo RX17 Pro has an outstanding battery life along with the fastest charge on any phone we’ve tested.

The software requires a little time to get used to, but the design is superior, the performance is above average and the triple cameras are versatile. A champion of the battery.

The frosted exterior of the R17 Pro is a pleasure to play with its soft and grainy texture reminiscent of beach glass. Its glass casing fogged in 3D is made with advanced surface engraving techniques, producing a finely faceted texture that rests like satin in the palm of the hand. Resistant to fingerprints and durable, it is designed to enchant your eye while pleasing your sense of touch.

See prices on eBay: Oppo RX17 Pro

14. BlackBerry Motion (08:45)

BlackBerry MotionThis utility phone BlackBerry is not the most powerful, but it has an excellent battery life, both in Geekbench and in the real world.

The high capacity cell makes it run for hours no matter what you throw at it, while the Android software is clean. And since it’s a BlackBerry, you get very regular security updates.

Durable, it is designed to enchant your eye while pleasing your sense of touch.

  • 4000 mAh battery (normal)
  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 3.0
  • BlackBerry® Boost mode for faster charging

See prices on eBay: BlackBerry Motion

15. .BlackBerry KeyOne (08:26)

BlackBerry KEYONEWith the same battery score as the Xperia XA2, the KeyOne is one of the two BlackBerry phones in the table. The physical keyboards may not be your thing, but if they are, then this phone is for you.

It lasts two days with medium use, gets excellent security updates and stands out from the crowd.

3G capability data capacity 4G data, Dual SIM, Bluetooth enabled touch screen, Fingerprint Sensor, GPS, capacity Wi-Fi, Global Ready, Music player, speaker, accelerometer, QWERTY keyboard, video recording 4K , Front camera, Camera, Color screen

See prices on eBay: BlackBerry KeyOne


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