Chitika Review – the best Google AdSense Alternatives

Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) was founded in 2003 by Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario. It is a full-service advertising network that serves over 2 billion monthly impressions on 30,000 web sites.

Much like Google’s AdSense, you install the code on your web pages and it will display targeted ads to your visitors. The difference between this ad network and others is that Chitika only displays ads to search engine visitors.

They offer 26 different ad sizes that you can use on your web site or blog. This means that they appear to have the sizes most people would want to display. Not only that, but each ad unit is completely customizable by simply changing the Javascript that you insert into your pages.

While it may seem that Chitika is a great way to make money for your web site or blog, there are some things that I found out during my two months of using the network.

Minimum Criteria to Join Chitika:

There are no minimum criteria to join Chitika. Any newbie blogger or blog having less amount of traffic can also apply for Chitika and can get it approved easily. Joining with Chitika is easy as publishers and advertisers from all countries are accepted and there are no restrictions as to the minimum impressions of the site. They do not take much time to approve the account. Once you are approved, all you need to do is create ad zone and place the code on your blog. If you are not so tech-savvy and using WordPress, you can use their WordPress plugin to show Chitika ads on your blog.

Chitika Ad Reviews: Different Ad Formats Available:

Chitika provides a wide range of ads to use on your blog including mobile ads which are a major requisite to today’s date. Chitika ads can be clubbed into below group

Banner ads — They are standard Ad type. Chitika does not show banner ad but they show images with text.

Mobile ads – These days, a huge amount of traffic comes from Smartphones or mobiles. It is mandatory to provide ads that can be easily viewable in the mobile version without degrading the design or performance. Chitika stands by you in this case. These ads are displayed only if your website is viewed on the mobile device. The ads are displayed depending on the device, not the site. This means if a user browses your website using mobile device ads will show up. You do not have to create a mobile site for this. Entire mobile traffic of your website will get monetized.

In text ads — Chitika is CPC (Cost Per Click) based on text link ads. You may also have heard about In-Text advertising network such as Infolinks etc.

Hover ads — Hover ads are displayed in the bottom right corner of your website. They remain at that place while the visitor is scrolling down your website.

Highlight ads — Highlight ads get displayed when a user selects some text on your website. It will get displayed below the user selected text area.

Chitika Ad Reviews – Pros of Using Chitika

  • Low eligibility criteria.
  • Minimum payout is low (just $10)
  • Suitable for all the niche type.
  • Approval is easy
  • Different Ads options including mobile types.
  • Can use alongside Adsense and other ad networks
  • Search targeted ads ensure that only relevant ads are shown to the visitor
  • Chitika support countries worldwide with their ad units
  • Auto-resizing mobile ads make monetizing mobile traffic very easy

Chitika Ad Reviews – Cons of Using Chitika

  • Shows ad mostly on traffic from search engine.
  • Less PPC in comparison to AdSense.
  • Traffic from referrals are not targeted very well and ads are displayed based on your main keyword or title.
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