Memrise – A different app (application) for language learning

Memrise - A different app (application) for language learning
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Memrise is a free language learning app that uses its community of users to teach and improve language learning for everyone involved.

Whats it about?

To begin using Memrise: learn languages, choose a language and learn about the background storyline of “protecting the diversity of languages in the ‘Multiverse’ from the evil Uniformis Front.” After listening to a few words, you’ll see a multiple choice screen on which you must choose the correct word in the language you’re learning to match the English word. Tap on the audio symbol to hear the word again on any page. Continue this process through other screens that reinforce the words, including video questions. Once you learn a certain number of words, you’ll see your progress page. Then you’ll see the message “Next Up, Learn New Words.” Tap on the right arrow to begin the new words in the same learning process as the first group. Set the alarm so it will remind you of your scheduled practice time daily.

Is it any good?

This app uses a repetitive training method to build vocabulary in a new language (or in many new languages) in fun, easy ways. Memrise: learn languages uses audio and video of native language speakers to help users learn basic vocabulary. Some of the first words that users learn are “hello,” “let’s go,” “bottom’s up!” and “yes.” Though the background narrative isn’t central to the overall learning, it assists in tracking levels in a fun way and keeps a theme going. The Pro version may be useful for app users who have moved beyond the basic levels and are seriously committed to learning the chosen language(s).

Learning a Language With Memrise.

There are different ways Memrise tests you. For example, you may get a question/answer problem to solve and then a multiple choice question later on, though they both are testing you on the same concept. This keeps the questions unique but also serves as a quick way to ensure you’re retaining what you’re learning.

Memrise utilizes whats called “spaced repetition” to regularly review you. It does so more often in the beginning with easier tests as you’re learning new words, and then less often, but with harder tests, as they’re committed to long term memory. These automatically precisely spaced reviews keep you learning and remembering but without overdoing it.

Getting Started With Memrise.

To get started using Memrise, visit the Courses page, select the language you speak, and then choose the language you’re wanting to learn. Listed are all the courses you can take in that language, with the number of others users learning it, the average time it will take to finish, and the user who put it together.

As you finish more and more courses and learn new words, you collect points that transition you into different ranks as an incentive to keep moving forward.

You’re able to log on to Memrise with your email, Facebook, or Google account.

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