37+ online shopping sites with free international shipping

If you want to buy something and it is not available in your country or is only available in other countries, then how will you get them in your country?

For example, you loved a dress or technology that is only available in online stores in Australia, so how will you get it in your country? So, to get rid of this problem, I will provide a large list of online stores that offer worldwide shipping.

Here is the list of the best online shopping websites that ship products anywhere in the world. As we all know, the credit card is required to make international payments, although some of the sites also accept PayPal to make payments. Now, take a look at the list:

37. Animi causa (Accessories)

Animi causeAnimi Causa is possibly the only site on this list. It specializes in wall decals, table furniture, furniture, lighting and kitchen utensils. The products are usually quite peculiar.

Free international shipping is available worldwide; There’s no minimum order. Deliveries could take six weeks to arrive.

Web page Animi causa

36. Fishpond (Various)

Fishpond.comFishpond is a company based in New Zealand. Its website has more than 12 million articles.

You can find everything from crafts and crafts to stationery and sunglasses.

Offers free shipping worldwide on all orders.

Fishpond website

35. Art.com (Art)

art.comAs the name implies, Art.com is a shop where you can find paintings, canvases, picture frames and other home decorations.

The site offers free international shipping to some countries, including most of North America and Europe.

Free shipping is only available on tapestries, laminated items, prints, frames, canvases, mirrors and carpets.

Website art.com

34. Marks and Spencer (Various)

Marks and SpencerIf you live in the USA In the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China or most of Western Europe, you can enjoy free shipping of Marks and Spencer products.

Simply browse to the localized Marks and Spencer website.

This massive retailer specializes in food, furniture, clothing and household items.

Marks and Spencer website.

33. The Hut (Various)

The hutThe Hut is an online luxury department store. Product categories include home, kitchen and dining room accessories, sports equipment and toys.

Depending on where you live, The Hut offers free shipping on orders over $ 20 to $ 50.

The Hut website

32. DHgate (Fashion-electronic-home)

DHgateBased in Beijing, DHgate is primarily a fashion site (although it has some limited electronic and household items available). If you are looking for cheap shoes, wedding suits, watches, hair and grooming products, or handbags, DHgate should be your first port of call.

The site sends worldwide. If you live in the United States, you can use DHL or one of the many local DHgate messengers. DHL must receive your order within one week. Some of the lesser known operators, such as China Post Air and Singapore Post, may take more than a month.

DHgate website

31. YesStyle (Fashion)

YesStyleFollowing the theme of fashion, YesStyle sells men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and lifestyle products. You’ll find everything from maternity clothes to cosplay clothes.

Unlike some of the other sites on this list, YesStyle sells major brands. However, they are predominantly Japanese and Korean labels, so they may not be instantly familiar to Western audiences.

People who especially like fashion in Japan and Korea will like the site; It has sections dedicated to the latest looks of each country.

If you spend more than $ 35, you will qualify for free shipping.

YesStyle website

30. LightInTheBox (Clothing-Home and Garden)

LightInTheBoxLightInTheBox, together with the sister site MiniInTheBox, is sent to more than 200 countries around the world. It sells products in three main categories: clothing, small appliances and home and garden.

The company was founded in 2007 and has been growing in strength. In 2013, even listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

You can choose from several shipping options, all of which charge by weight. There is no free shipping. If you want to use a courier service, LightInTheBox offers DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT.

LightInTheBox website

29. Shein (Women’s Fashion)

Shein shopShein specializes in women’s fashion, although there are also some men’s and children’s fashion products available.

The site is a great way to find outfits for specific looks; Products are subcategories in styles such as Preppy, 90s Grunge, Faux Fur, Elegant, etc. The site also has a wide variety of plus size suits.

Shein only offers standard shipping and express shipping to the United States. Standard shipping costs $ 3.99 per order. If your order exceeds $ 49, shipping is free. Express shipping costs $ 12.90, but it’s free on orders over $ 99.

Residents of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska cannot use the express option.

Shein website

28. Macy’s (Department Store)

Macy'sIt is the largest department store owned by the US multinational corporation Macy’s, Inc.

It contains a large collection of clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion material for you. The best thing about this site is that it offers international shipping!

Macy’s website

27. Overstock.com (Clothing-electronics-home)

OverstockOverstock.com is a fantastic online store for bedding, furniture, electronics, jewelry, watches, clothing and more.

It has many international shipping options. It means that it facilitates the worldwide shipping of products to a large number of countries such as India, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Austria, France, Spain and many more. Then, choose your country and start shopping from today!

Website Overstock.com

26. Toys R Us (Electronic Toys)

Toys R UsThis online shopping portal are all about toys! However, some electronic items such as computers, tablets are also available on the site, but they are also game oriented.

This website also sends products to many countries in the world, such as Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland and some more.

Toys R Us website

25. Sears (Retail)

SearsSears is also known for its ease of international shipping. It contains many products to sell, such as electronic devices, beauty products, clothing, footwear, jewelry and fitness products, etc.

You can take advantage of international shipping on this site for several countries, including India.

Sears website

24. The Body Shop

Body shopSkin care is an important part of caring for our physical appearance and for someone who has struggled with the skin for years, I have faced many challenges in trying to find the products that best fit my skin. However that was until I discovered The Body Shop.

It is the largest fragrance portal and body care products.

This online portal is generally from the United Kingdom but still provides service in several countries, including India, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and many more.

The Body Shop website

23. J.Crew (Wedding clothes and products)

J.Crew shopJ. CREW is a simplistic, tasteful New England style clothing brand, usually worn by middle and upper middle class youth who want classic and comfortable clothing.

They don’t make flashy clothes with big brand logos on the chest. Instead, their clothing is relatively underestimated despite retail price tags.

Here you will find clothing, jewelry and wedding products for men, women, girls and boys.

The main reason I listed it here is because it offers international shipments in several countries.

J. CREW website

22. Gap (Fashion)

Gap shop

Gap was founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher. The name comes from the growing differences between children and adults, called “the generation gap,” which peaked with the hippie movement. (The notion that Gap is an acronym for “Gay And Proud” is an urban myth.)

The retailer took its name in tribute to “the generation gap”, a popular term in the late 1960s that describes the intellectual, ethical and social chasm between young people and their parents’ generation

Here you will enter the latest styles and fashions for men, women, children, toddlers and babies and you will have them soon in your hands, even if you don’t care what country you belong to!

Gap website

21. Etsy (Market and vintage)

EtsyIt is the fantastic market to buy and sell handmade and vintage items. You will also find jewelry, art and wedding items for men, women and children. Therefore, select your region to see the items that can be sent to your country.

Etsy connects people looking for unique products with independent vendors around the world. When you shop on Etsy.com, you can choose from millions of handmade, antique and craft items created and curated by millions of independent vendors.

Etsy website

20. Jadopado (New or used products)

Jadopado shopIt is the online shopping portal based in Dubai that is growing day by day. It is also shipping products to India, as well as other countries internationally, such as Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Tunisia and more.

JadoPado is a market in which people from all over the world gather to buy and sell excellent products.

JadoPado allows you to sell new, used and reconditioned products directly to buyers. Sellers run their own stores, including products, offers, orders and fulfillment, while making sure everything looks great!

JadoPado offers buyers incredible options in a wide range of categories and a safe and easy-to-use experience. JadoPado handles payments on behalf of sellers and pays them after they have received their purchase.

JadoPado website

19. Play-Asia (Video games)

Play-AsiaThe Play-Asia online store sells video games, movies, music and other interesting things. Some electronic items such as memory cards, audio accessories, mobile devices, etc.

Playasia is an online retailer of Asian entertainment products, selling import games, DVDs, music, CDs, gadgets, groceries, books, game console accessories, cables and toys. Playasia is headquartered in Hong Kong and is intended for the Asia-Pacific region, but also offers the majority of products to international buyers

Play-Asia website

18. GeekBuying (Electronics-technology)

geekbuyingGeekBuying is an electronics store. You will find Android phones, transmission boxes, portable devices, smart security systems, tablets and more. Like GearBest, it offers exclusive rates on Xiaomi smartphones.

The site also has some “funny” electronics. For example, there is a section dedicated to cars with remote control and another section dedicated to electric scooters.

If you visit the site, be sure to check the Flash Offers section on the right side of the page. You will find incredible offers on products such as tablets, fitness bands and televisions.

Shipping is free if you use standard delivery. DHL and TNT are also available.

GeekBuying website

17. RCMoment (Remote Controls)

RCMomentRCMoment has a very specific approach: remote controlled devices. You will find gadgets like drones, cars, ships, planes and robots.

The site has excellent deals on the DJI Mavic Air drone, which we loved when we reviewed the product in February 2018.

Some products qualify for free shipping. If you want faster shipping, go to the US Warehouses section. UU. From sites to see what products are already on American soil.

RCMoment website

16. Fy (Accessories)

Fy shopFy offers unique products from new and emerging designers. It will cost you to find the articles available here anywhere else on the web. Expect to see clothes, bags, accessories, bags, jewelry and even wall art.

Fy! It is an application very well created with modern products for home and life. There are mainly all household products, but they also have great gadgets, wall art designs, beauty products, travel bags and other unique accessories.

However, after reading all the reviews on Fy! of the people who received their products, and how happy they were and that the delivery really was as fast as they say, it is worth asking.

Free worldwide shipping is available on all orders.

Website Fy!

15. Book Depository (Books)

Book DepositoryBook Depository is one of the largest online book retailers. It provides more than 17 million titles to choose from. It also offers some board games. The company’s administrative centers are in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Free shipping is available if you are anywhere in Europe, North America and South America. Some countries in Asia and Africa are also on the list.

Book Depository website

14. Deep Discount (Training)

Deep discountMost Deep Discount products belong to the entertainment category. The site offers a vast collection of CDs, DVDs, books, video games and vinyl records. You can also find clothes and gym equipment.

DeepDiscount.com is dedicated to offering prices with great discounts, strive to make the purchase process of these products as simple as possible by offering fast and accurate product searches, easy to follow delivery procedures and FREE shipping on $ orders 25 or more

Global free shipping is available on orders over $ 25.

Deep Discount website

13. AliExpress (Retail)

aliexpressAliExpress is similar to eBay; It allows third-party sellers to pedal their goods. Unlike Amazon, it does not manufacture its own brand products.

Some items offer free international shipping, but it depends on the seller. Be sure to check the corresponding box in the filters before starting your search.

AliExpress is possibly the best known Chinese trade website. With revenues of $ 40 billion, it is also the largest; Earn almost four times more money than eBay.

Unlike Amazon, AliExpress does not sell any products by itself. Instead, it is an electronic commerce platform; It connects you with third-party vendors. Sellers are mainly based in China, but there are also vendors in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Many providers offer free shipping, but deliveries will take longer to arrive. You can also use DHL, UPS, FedEx and other international couriers.

AliExpress website

12. YesAsia (Video games)

yesasiaYesAsia is an online store for video games. It offers multiple games, consoles and accessories. The most compatible platforms are PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo DS. There is also some content for PC players.

All items on the site are eligible for free international shipping (except posters). You need to spend a minimum of $ 40.

YesAsia website

11. GearBest (Electronic-Miscellaneous)

GearBestGearBest is much newer than the two sites we’ve seen so far. It only exists since 2014.

The site has close links with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi and offers much better deals on the company’s products than it could find in a national store.

Other categories covered by the site include Baby and Children, Home and Garden, Appliances, and Electricity and Tools.

GearBest is also ideal for non-US residents. The only two countries to which they will not be sent are Palestine and South Sudan.

The site offers four shipping methods: unregistered, registered, priority and expedited shipping. US residents can use all four plans. Unregistered shipping is free and takes up to 40 days. The price of the fastest, fastest option is calculated by weight. It takes three to seven days.

GearBest has stores in the United States that can significantly reduce time and improve the security of unregistered deliveries.

GearBest website

10. Dorothy Perkins (Women’s and men’s clothing)

Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins is a retailer based in the United Kingdom. He specializes in women’s clothing, but also has an extensive line of children’s clothing for both girls and boys.

International shipping is free if you spend more than £ 75.

The company has just launched a series of new international sites. If you live in France, the United States, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand, you cannot place orders from the UK site.

Dorothy Perkins website

9. ASOS (Men’s and women’s clothing)

ASOSASOS stores men’s and women’s clothing. The clothes are mainly aimed at people between 20 and 35 years old. Offers more than 80,000 individual items.

ASOS is really different in terms of how they are customer oriented: the language used is much easier to understand and friendlier, which is a novelty among customer service agents (when compared to other companies).

Some of the less pleasant parts are that the standard delivery for most countries is not traceable, so you will have to sit back and enjoy the wait. In addition, delivery takes a long time, especially to Russia.

International shipping is free if you spend more than £ 12.

ASOS website

8. Shopbop (Women’s clothing)

ShopbopShopbop offers a complete and carefully selected collection of garments and accessories of the most important design and contemporary brands in the industry. Since its launch in 2000 as an e-commerce platform focused on fashion, Shopbop has become one of the most important fashion authorities in the world.

In 2006, BOP LLC was acquired by Amazon.com, Inc., the world’s largest Internet retailer, which allowed Shopbop to expand its services to improve the customer experience

If you spend more than $ 100, the company will send your order anywhere in the world for free.

Shopbop website

7. Topshop (Fashion Men and Women)

TopshopTopshop is an important British street fashion brand that began opening stores in the United States a decade ago. It has clothes for men, women and children.

Topshop’s prestige had been based on being as close as a high street shopper could be to the fashion of the catwalk. But by making it accessible to everyone, Topshop helped devalue biannual trends, and the audience faded to find excitement in other places, such as street style, streetwear or Instagram, in a new generation of social media-oriented brands.

You will send your products anywhere in the world for free with a minimum order of $ 100.

Topshop website

6. BetterWorldBooks (new and used books)

BetterWorldBooksBetterWorldBooks sells new and used books. It also has textbooks for university students.

The company is based in the United Kingdom, but offers free shipping worldwide. Orders fulfilled by BetterWorldBooks will take 10-21 days. Orders placed by a third party seller can take up to five weeks.

BetterWorldBooks website

5. Newegg (Technology)

NeweggNewegg is an online market consisting of consumer electronics and hardware products and software products. Founded in 2001, with more than 30 million registered users and 10.5 million products, Newegg’s revenues exceed $ 3 billion. With the Newegg market, there is a great opportunity for sellers or you can tell merchants who sell items related to computers to sell their products in one of the best markets in the United States.

The American company Newegg is a well established name in the world of online technology shopping. The site offers many top-line products at a lower price than what you will find elsewhere.

The company offers free shipping to more than 50 countries, including Canada, Mexico and most of Europe.

Newegg website

4. DealExtreme (Technology)

dealextremeDealExtreme was one of China’s first online retailers. Today, it serves more than one million regular foreign clients. The site is very focused on technology, but there are some non-technological categories.

It is one of the popular direct shipping sites and the safest online e-commerce places to buy in the world. It is a company based in China that has accumulated more than a decade of experience.

Dealextreme offers more than 300,000 products from which buyers can choose. With such a wide variety of products to offer, access to dealextreme products becomes quite easy and hassle-free for customers. As part of its customer service, dealextreme offers a wide variety of products without buying or storing inventory.

The site offers free shipping anywhere in the world.

Dealextreme website

3. eBay (Retail)

eBayeBay has been at the forefront of online retail for almost 20 years.

eBay is one of the most popular ways to buy and sell goods and services on the Internet. It is a website where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars and vacations.

Thousands of items offer free international shipping, but varies from seller to seller. Just be sure to verify before committing to a purchase.

EBay website

2. Banggood (Electronic-Miscellaneous)

BanggoodWe talk about Banggood when we review the best sites to buy cheap electronic products. Although electronics is the main focus of the site, you will also find sports equipment, fashion accessories, jewelry and health products.

The business itself has been around since 2004, making it one of the oldest Chinese sites sent to the United States.

Orders over $ 25 qualify for free shipping. Again, however, keep in mind that free deliveries can take a long time to arrive. We are talking about months, not weeks.

Banggood is blessed when it comes to payment methods. Credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal are accepted, as well as a large number of third-party options such as iDEAL and Dotpay.

Banggood website

1. Amazon (Retail)

 Amazon PrimeNo free shipping list would be complete without mentioning Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives members access to a variety of benefits. Features include access to Amazon Prime Video, 2-day free shipping on Amazon purchases, access to exclusive offers on Amazon Prime Day and a variety of other Amazon-specific services. Amazon has more than 100 million members.

If you pay a membership, many products on the site will be eligible for free international shipping.

Amazon Prime is not available everywhere, and the subscription price varies by country.

Amazon website

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