Smart power outlets and plugs for house and office

Internet-enabled electrical outlets, plugs, power strips and switches are a great way to start building a smart home. They add convenience to any appliance and can make a big dent in your electric bills by keeping unused appliances turned off and reducing “standby” consumption.

You’ll be able to turn devices on and off remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection, set automation rules for intelligent home behavior that adapts to your own lifestyle and usage habits, and monitor power consumption in real time.

The following Channel Guide will help you:

  • Determine which wireless type you need (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc).
  • Get app reviews, and see if the switch can work with your Android or iPhone.
  • Filter based on additional energy saving or monitoring features.

There are usually a lot of devices occupying the power outlets in a workspace or home office, and where this is the case, there’s always the potential for leaving things powered on without realizing it.

Whether we’re talking about printers, copiers, lamps or fans, having the ability to know everything has been switched off at the end of the workday not only provides peace of mind, it can also help you save big when it comes to energy bills.

The latest smart power outlets and plugs provide you with the ability to both remotely control all of your socket-based appliances and devices and even automate when they turn on and off each day, meaning when it’s time to clock off, things will also power down without you having to lift a finger.

One of the best names in the business here is WeMo with their Mini Smart Plugs providing an excellent low-profile way of ensuring that everything in the office is only drawing power when needed.

Providing a built-in ability to work with Alexa means that not only can you schedule these amazing smart plugs to switch off when not needed, but you can also do so using your voice – perfect for those hot summer days where you need the fan switched on but simply can’t make it across the office to hit the switch.

The smart home made simple:

Smart plugs like the WeMo Mini are some of the simplest and most straightforward connected home gadgets you can buy. Plug one in and then plug something else into it, and you’ll be able to turn that thing on and off from your phone, or automate it to turn on and off at specific times.

The most obvious use cases include lamps, space heaters, desk fans, and other small appliances you might want to automate, but there’s room for creativity.

For instance, you could plug your entertainment center’s power strip into a smart plug, then automatically cut the juice to your AV gear during the night when you aren’t using any of it.

There’s even a smart frying pan that can sync with a WeMo Switch to automatically cook your dinner.

Connecting your smart plugs with other smart home gadgets and services opens the door to even more possibilities. WeMo does pretty well here, boasting compatibility with Nest, IFTTT, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, among others.


Few smart home products are easier to setup or more straightforward to use than the WeMo Mini. You plug into an outlet, download and install the WeMo app, and then connect the smart plug to your Wi-Fi network. After labeling each WeMo plug with the name and a photo of the device it controls you can use your phone to either set specific schedules for that device or simply turn it on and off remotely when you want.

Over the course of a week, we tested our WeMo Smart Plug with a variety of floor and desktop lamps, a window fan, a coffee grinder, a hot water kettle, and a sleep machine.


After dealing with an ever-changing landscape of smart home hubs, cloud storage subscriptions, and interoperability issues, the WeMo Mini Smart Plug was a refreshing change of pace. If you have a Wi-Fi network and are capable of plugging something in, you’ll be able to figure out how to use it.

What’s particularly attractive about the WeMo, in addition to the $35 price tag, is its flexibility. The plug can be used in a variety of situations and functions both as remote power switch and as a smart device scheduler. It’s small enough so that you can fit two on top of each other in a standard double socket, and it enjoys broad compatibility with other smart home platforms and voice assistants.

Smart power outlets and plugs for house and office
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