The best 12+ e-reader / e-books and electronic readers 2018

For a bookworm, there is no greater pleasure in life than to immerse yourself in a good book.Although many people still prefer old paper books, digital people and those who travel a lot love their ebooks and e-readers.

Electronic readers have come a long way since the first Amazon Kindle appeared in 2007. Amazon still offers the widest range of electronic readers, including the humble Kindle and the Rolls Royce e-reader, the Kindle Oasis.

Of course, there are other great e-readers of Amazon's main competitors: Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Keep in mind that all Kindles come in two versions: with special offers and without. If you choose those with special offers, you will see ads on the blocking screen and, potentially, elsewhere, but you will save money.

Electronic readers offer a number of advantages over reading electronic books on a tablet or phone. First, they have screens designed for extended readings that resist the glare of sunlight and therefore cause less visual fatigue.

Secondly, since they do not have many of the superfluous bells and whistles of a tablet, they are usually much lighter, cheaper and have a much longer battery life (usually last for weeks).So, for today's best eBook reading experience, we've compiled a list of the best e-readers you can buy in 2018.

The Kindle Oasis may be our main option, but for several reasons exposed in the next top, you should also consider the Kobo Aura One, the Kobo Aura H2O 2017, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, the Barnes & Noble Glowlight Plus among others.


Kindle Oasis

kindle Oasis 1

Until the Kindle Oasis arrived, all e-readers looked the same: small thick tablets with E Ink screens and stores full of ebooks. The Oasis changed all that. The bold design of Amazon eliminates the cheap bevels that are around the screen and leaves you with an elegant glass panel and a clear E Ink screen. The new model is even thinner than the first Oasis, in addition, it is water resistant.

The asymmetric design places two page change buttons on the slightly thicker side of the electronic reader along with the battery. On the opposite side, the bezel is very thin, just like the body of the e-book reader.

The Oasis is incredibly light to hold, and the battery life is impressive. You can spend weeks on a single charge. The screen measures 7 inches diagonally and can adapt the brightness.

Beyond the design, the Oasis is a great e-reader in every way. Amazon's Kindle e-book library is very robust, its unlimited subscription of $ 9.99 / month allows you to read as many eBooks as you wish, and leading members can enjoy a selection of free e-book hits each month. Library books are also very easy to download once you have linked your library card to the Kindle.

You can get 8 or 32 GB of storage, depending on how large your library is. You can also link the ereader with Bluetooth headphones to listen to audiobooks with a headset.

Although the Kindle Oasis is ridiculously expensive at $ 249.99 and up, it will last for many years before it needs to be replaced.

Critics throughout the web are very positive, and all those who have tried it in Business Insider are fans. Insider Picks writer Brandt Ranj actually bought the Oasis as his first Kindle, and he loved it. BI Tech journalist Avery Hartman called him the best e-reader he can buy in his review, and we obviously agree.

Pros: bright and clear screen, excellent buttons to change pages, super slim and modern design, robust Kindle e-book store and easy access to the library, waterproof, works with audio books.

Cons: There is no support for EPUB files, and it's really expensive.

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Kobo Aura One

You can read in the bathroom with the water-resistant Kobo Aura One and enjoy your favorite books on a gigantic screen.

You will want to have Kobo Aura One in your hands if you are not an Amazon user, you usually own EPUB ebooks if you like to read graphic novels, or if you want to have access to more types of files in your e-reader.

It is not limited to e-books from the Kobo store. As long as the file type is compatible with Kobo, you can drag and drop the contents of your computer into the Kobo when connected with a USB to Micro-USB cable. The Aura One even has the popular OneDrive library application pre-installed, so you can easily connect your library account to your e-reader.

Perhaps the best thing about the Kobo Aura One is that it is water resistant enough to take a bath or on the beach. Anyone who likes to read in the water or near it will love to know that even if your electronic reader drops water, it will survive. Kobo has been manufacturing water-resistant electronic readers for some years.

The giant 7.8-inch screen is sharp and even offers a blue light filter to help minimize the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. Studies say that blue light disturbs sleep cycles and keeps people awake at night, so Kobo has followed in the footsteps of phone makers such as Apple by adding a night mode that yellows the screen. It is a great feature for people who get tired of bright screens quickly.

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Pros: waterproof design, large screen, blue light filter, supports EPUB formats, easy-to-get library books with OneDrive integration, supports graphic novels and long-life battery

Cons: it is expensive and there is no ebook subscription service

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Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage

It may be one of the most expensive e-readers on the list, but the Kindle Voyage outperforms most competitors with a sleek display, a lightweight design and impressive battery life (it can last for weeks without recharging) .

And there is a big difference when reading on a standard tablet screen versus reading on a Kindle Voyage. Kindle Voyage's 6 "display technology uses E-Ink Letter to achieve a page-like quality that does not harm your eyes in the same way as an LED or an LCD screen.The 300ppi screen makes you feel as if you were reading directly from a page of paper, with a level of authenticity that will impress even the most undecided of print purists.

With a weight of 6.3 ounces, the Kindle Voyage is lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite, and its adaptive brightness automatically adjusts to ambient lighting, which is a feature not found in cheaper Kindles. The built-in lighting system also has six light bulbs compared to four of Paperwhite. In addition, a function called Page Press allows you to turn the page without even lifting a finger.

The Kindle Voyage has 4 GB of storage to manage your personal collection of books. Being able to access the Amazon Kindle store means that you can choose from millions of books and, unlike the cheaper Kindles, there is no forced advertising.

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Kobo Aura H2O

The Kobo Aura H2O is a perfect size waterproof e-reader that you can take to the beach.

If the 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One screen is too big for you, you'll love the new Kobo Aura H2O. It has the same cool design and water resistance level as the One, but its 6.8-inch E-Ink Letter touch screen is much more manageable to hold.

The screen is super sharp with 265 dpi that imitates printing. It also has Kobo's ComfortLight PRO technology, which reduces exposure to blue light, so reading does not keep you awake all night.

The body of the H2O e-reader resembles the Aura One, so it is made of a good plastic grip. It also has an IPX8 rating, so you can submerge it in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes without damaging it. If there was ever an e-reader to take to the beach, this is the perfect one.

It has 8 GB of integrated storage, which supports up to 6,000 e-books. Kobo's electronic readers support 14 file formats, including EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ and CBR.

Some ebooks will not work, of course, so if you own titles from Amazon's Kindle store or Apple's iBooks store, do not buy this e-reader. Otherwise, this would be a good option, and Kobo has its own library with more than five million titles to complement your collection.

Expert reviewers give good reviews to the e-reader, including Digital Trends, TechRadar and Stuff TV. Our past experience with other Kobo electronic readers has been positive, and we hope that this is also impressive.

Pros: The good-sized, water-resistant, affordable blue light filter is compatible with many e-book formats

Cons: does not support Kindle files

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Amazon Fire 7

Amazon Fire 7

Amazon's Fire 7 is much more than just an e-reader, it's also a full tablet equipped with Alexa.While you may not need all of its features, there are many features that make this device attractive to avid readers.

First of all, its magnificent seven-inch and 1024 x 600 IPS screen has high contrast, vivid colors and crisp text to make reading for hours comfortable and enjoyable. Second, it has eight hours of battery life, so you do not have to charge between chapters. Third, Fire OS has an exclusive Blue Shade feature that automatically optimizes the backlight for a better low-light reading experience. And last but not least, the Family Library links your Amazon account with your family so you can share books comfortably.

If you are a dynamic reader who does not hesitate to throw your e-reader in your bag, you will also love the fact that Fire 7 is very durable. (It was rated twice as durable as the iPad mini 4, not to mention that it is also cheaper!) For $ 30 more you can upgrade to the eight-inch Fire tablet, which will give you a larger reading screen and four hours more than battery life, but we think that this seven-inch is a good balance between function and portability.

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Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite de Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon is in the middle of the Kindle line with a 6-inch screen and many great ebooks.

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If you want a Kindle but do not believe that the Oasis price of almost $ 300 is justified, you will want to check out the Kindle Paperwhite. It's less than half the price, and if it manages to grab it when it's discounted, it will pay even less.

The Paperwhite has a super-clear 6-inch E Ink screen that is very pleasant to read. There are no buttons to change the page, so if you hate passing your finger to turn the page, you should get the Oasis. It's nice to keep reading, and the rubber-grip finish makes it easy to hold for hours and hours.

When I tried the Paperwhite, I was very impressed with the sharp screen and how bright it was. It was easy to read outdoors in bright sunlight, and even when the brightness increased, the battery lasted for months.

Amazon's e-book library is very robust. If you read more than one e-book per month, it's worth investing in the unlimited Kindle subscription service of $ 9.99 a month, which allows you to read as many eBooks as you want.

Those of you who are already main members can enjoy a selection of free e-books each month, so you probably do not need the subscription (as long as you are flexible about what you are willing to read). Library books are also very easy to download once you have linked your library card to the Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite may not be the most advanced electronic reader on Amazon, but it's still one of the best you can buy, especially if you expect to spend less than $ 150 on your e-reader.

Pros: clear screen, tons of electronic books in the Kindle Store, lightweight design, rubber grip finish, long-lasting battery and a good price.

Cons: Not resistant to water and without EPUB file support.

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Barnes & Noble, the Glowlight Plus

Barnes & Noble, el Glowlight Plus

If you are a Barnes & Noble buyer, the Glowlight Plus is a great choice with its water resistant metal body and a wide selection of electronic books.

Barnes & Noble is best known for its giant bookstores, but it used to have a solid e-reader business with Nook. Today, Nook is not as popular as it once was, due in part to Amazon's rise with the Kindle. However, two years ago, the Nook Glowlight Plus from Barnes & Noble arrived in a sleek metal casing with a 6-inch E Ink screen.

B & N's Glowlight Plus feels almost like a small iPad Mini. The front bezel with grip is also very comfortable to hold while reading. To make matters worse, the e-reader is also water resistant, so you can read in the bathtub or on the beach.

As it is a bookstore, Barnes & Noble obviously has millions of electronic books available for its readers. You can also read EPUB files, and you should be able to transfer your own files to the Nook, although some users have reported problems doing so. You can also borrow electronic books from the library, thanks to Adobe DRM EPUB and PDF file support.

Glowlight Plus is a great e-reader, and our only concern is that Barnes & Noble has not updated its line of e-readers regularly over the past few years, which may indicate that Nook is in decline. Regardless of the speculation, we still think it's worth recommending as a Kindle or Kobo alternative for loyal users of Nook.

Pros: The metal construction feels rugged, it's water resistant, and Barnes & Noble offers many ebooks

Cons: Barnes & Noble's Nook line is in decline, so support may be doubtful in the long term

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Basic Kindle

kindle basico

Amazon has just updated its basic Kindle and is the perfect electronic reader for anyone on a tight budget.

The best thing about electronic readers is that they are relatively cheap. Amazon's basic Kindle is an excellent offer less than $ 79.99. You may not have the most high-resolution screen or a backlight for additional lighting, but it's still a solid electronic reader.

The Kindle comes with black and white color options, and you can buy many different protective covers for it. Although the color white is good, we have found that black holds up better over time. You probably want to buy black to make sure it does not get dirty over time.

It is the lightest Kindle in the Amazon line, so it is very comfortable to hold while reading. The 6-inch screen is not as sharp or bright as Paperwhite's, so if you have $ 40 more to spend, we recommend that you upgrade to Paperwhite. However, the Kindle's basic screen is fine most of the time. The only problem I had was that you can not read in the dark with it, because there is no built-in light.

As we have said before, Amazon's e-book library is very large. The company even offers an unlimited Kindle subscription service of $ 9.99 per month, which allows you to read as many eBooks as you wish. Prime members also get a selection of free e-book titles per month, so you may not need a subscription (as long as you are flexible about what you are willing to read). Library books are also very easy to download once you have linked your library card to the Kindle.

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The basic Kindle may not be the last electronic reader, but it's really a big deal for offer hunters.

Pros: it 's incredibly cheap, great Kindle e-book store, long-lasting battery and a good option for kids.

Cons: no built-in light and a lower resolution screen.

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Onyx BOOX Max

Onyx BOOX Max

I'm not sure it's appropriate for the Onyx BOOX Max to be on this list of ereaders. It uses e-ink, yes, and it reads electronic books, but it's so ... out of reach.

With 13.3 inches, which is much larger than a MacBook Air, the Max stands out easily among a large number of electronic ink readers in the market. It is of this size to fulfill a purpose: to read scientific articles and other academic materials in PDF.

If you have ever tried to read a PDF file on a Kindle or any other 6 "screen device, you will agree with me on this: it sucks, you can not really adjust the font size, and even when the page is close, It does not fit on the screen The reading experience is most of the time so poor that it makes more sense to opt for the physical book.

The small ereaders are great and portable, and they're great for reading other formats, but they're just not designed for PDF.

Therefore, if you are a student with many heavy textbooks, or a professional who has to work on tons of large PDF technical books, you will definitely get a kick with this Onyx BOOX Max.It shows PDF files perfectly: crisp, clear, of the right size, almost the same as real A4 paper.No necessary zoom.

The only thing on the screen is that it is backlit. This means that the light comes from the back of the screen to the eyes, unlike the front light readers, where light is reflected in a softer glow. Possibly it causes more tension in the eyes than a Kindle, but, on the other hand, it provides a more uniform light on the screen.

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Apple iPad Mini 4

Apple iPad Mini 4

Apple iPad mini 4, as the name implies, is the latest and most compact edition of Apple's iPad mini series.

As a result, the tablet comes with a very compact form factor and weighs just about 10 ounces. The device has a 7.9-inch Retina display that is designed to perfection in terms of providing excellent viewing angles.

The screen resolution of the tablet is 2048 × 1536 pixels. Under the hood, the device is powered by a dual-core A8 chip with quad-core graphics paired with 2 GB of RAM and massive onboard storage of 16 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB.

On the front, the device comes with an 8 MP iSight camera to capture the moments clearly.The iPad charges from 0 to 100% in less than 2 hours and can offer more than 10 hours of continuous use. The form factor, the weight, the screen is beautiful.

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Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1 "

Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1

Lenovo Yoga Book is the thinnest and lightest tablet in the world weighing less than 2 lbs.Although the device is light in terms of its weight, it is a powerful and fully charged tablet when it comes to features and specifications.

The device has a beautiful 10.1-inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.The tablet works with an Intel Atom 2.4 GHz processor paired with a large amount of 4 GB of RAM.

It comes with an internal memory of 64 GB, which is quite enough for almost all users. The key aspects to consider this 2-in-1 tablet as an efficient reading device are due to its easy-to-carry form factor, the ease of taking notes, drawing and highlighting texts using your Halo keyboard, and more. The device runs on Android 6. 0 out of the box and is expected to receive the Android 7 update soon.

All in all, this Lenovo device is for those who seek versatility and productivity on a daily basis, without compromising performance.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a light, portable and economical tablet. The device comes with a brilliant 7-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

The device under the hood is reinforced by a 1.3GHz mobile processor paired with 1.5GB of DDR3 RAM. As for storage, you get an internal memory of 8 GB, which can be expanded with a slot for microSD cards, reinforced with all these decent specifications along with a price tag of less than $ 150 makes it a worthy competitor in the segment .

The device is lightweight as mentioned above and comes with the Google PlayStore and exclusive Samsung content to browse and download. The device also comes with an exceptionally good backup battery, which lasts more than 10 hours on a single charge.

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