The 15+ best battery saving apps in 2019 for android and iphone

In many cases, battery saving apps are just placebo effects that do more harm than good.

However, there are some applications that can help us, so let’s take a look at the best battery saving apps for Android.

1. Power Battery

Power Battery combines a variety of tools in a single package, which serves as a battery monitor, battery protector and fast charging tool. The application allows you to view the battery consumption data, including the applications that consume the most energy over time, while a variety of energy saving settings and presets allow you to modify your settings to take advantage of the maximum available time.

Finally, a loading tool kills applications in the background and provides an estimate of the load time while connected. Extras include a memory booster and a junk file cleaner.

2. Deep Sleep Battery Saver

The Deepsleep battery protector constantly puts the device in “deep sleep” mode while
turning off the LifeHacker screen : “Many applications save battery, but it takes the idea to a whole new level”

During the deep shutdown mode, Wifi, 3G are off, the applications in the background are stopped. Therefore, most applications do not work, such as Facebook, Google Service, etc. Then he wakes up constantly to download the email, synchronize Facebook status, etc. It is defined by the deepsleep frequency and the duration of awakening.

3. Battery Saver

AndroidAuthority included Battery Saver in its list of the top 5 last year. We tested this application and discovered that it rightly needs a mention in our list of the best Android battery savers of 2018.

It is a precise battery management application that allows you to control applications that consume energy with ease. As long as the battery level drops to a minimum threshold level, you can activate the power saving mode.

It also monitors and allows you to turn off battery-consuming devices such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, screen, sound and much more. The battery saving application offers several energy-saving modes that include sleep mode, work mode, class mode and custom mode. Other key features include 3-stage charging and precise charge status.

4. BetterBatteryStats

While the Android configuration menu gives users an idea of ​​the battery’s state and how much power is in use, users with technical guidance can get much more complete information with BetterBatteryStats, a cost-effective battery monitoring application. for rooted Android phones.

In particular, BBS is ideal for tracking which applications run “partial wakelocks”, which can prevent your device from entering power saving mode. BBS helps users detect problematic applications and includes a knowledge base for users to discover how to reduce or eliminate certain wakelocks.

5. Battery Doctor

Compatible with 28 languages, this energy-saving application comes with an easy-to-use interface.

This application is developed for both Android and iOS. The application can be downloaded free for both platforms. With just one touch you can optimize battery power by stopping applications that consume battery power.

Battery Doctor allows you to control the state of the battery according to the type of application. Other features of this simple but powerful application include several energy saving modes, exact battery left time, brightness control and stopping applications while the screen is off.

6. Power Clean-Erase garbage, optimizer device

Power Clean is considered a professional power cleaner and more than 100 million users use this battery saving application worldwide.

The energy cleanup application not only saves the life of the battery, but also improves the performance of the device. Automatically detects applications that drain the battery and allows you to disable them with just a touch. Other highlights include the CPU cooler to cool the processor temperature, the increased memory to free RAM instantly, the duplicate file remover and the hardware status monitor.

7. Avast Battery Saver

This effective battery saving application is updated after carefully considering the comments of the users.

The application now provides a unique master switch to activate / deactivate the battery saving application. Intelligent technology calculates intelligently and shows the remaining battery life and asks you to take mandatory measures.

If you do not want to make manual adjustments, you can choose between pre-set battery saving profiles depending on the environment. Known as an antivirus brand, Avast has once again proven its worth with this amazing battery saving application.

8. Optimizer and mobile cleaner

This app is from Intel Security. The application increases the performance of the smartphone by disabling applications in the background, freeing memory and storage.

The real-time statistics generated by this application help you to disable the applications that drain the battery and configure the required ones. Like internal storage, this battery saving application scans external storage and detects blurry and duplicate photos for further space improvement.

9. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is another popular battery saving application. It will not do anything to save you battery by itself, however, it can provide you with information about applications that deplete your battery.

You can use that information to improve your own battery life. In addition to showing details about wakelocks, wake time and even CPU and sensor data. He faced some difficulties with the latest versions of Android.

10. Battery Defender

1 touch to extend battery life! Try this free application if you do not want to pay other battery saving applications.

11. GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

The GO Battery Saver application is another excellent battery saving application for android some of its best features include energy saving mode, smart saving, alternating control and potential tests.

12. DU Battery saver

With the confidence of more than 400 million users, DU battery saver is a free battery saving application developed for Android and iOS platforms. Automatically detects applications that drain the battery and solves problems.

You can also open the advanced mode to further adjust these problematic applications. The unique feature of the DU battery saving application is the phone cooler option that shuts off non-active CPU intensive applications. The “Task Killer” widget on the screen helps you optimize battery usage by managing Wi-Fi, brightness, sound and data with a single touch. If you are really worried about the applications that crowd the battery, try this battery saving application.

13. Battery HD – Battery

This is another free battery saving application with a beautiful user interface. The best part of this application is that you can calibrate this application according to the type of device.

You can customize settings that include widgets, load alerts, notification bar, and usage graph. With a single touch, you can instantly know the number of hours left to a particular application. Designed by, it is a FREE simple application with accurate battery monitoring.

14. Greenify save energy

Available for free for Android and iOS, this battery saving application has more than 50 million installations. It is a known fact that applications that run in the background are one of the main culprits of the slowdown of your smartphone.

Greenify is a smart application that hibernates all background applications of inactive and abnormal behavior. By doing so, this battery saving application prevents these background applications from consuming battery and prevents the delay of your smartphone.

Greenify claims that it never saves your personal information and is light on telephone resources such as CPU or RAM.

15. Accu Battery

Accu Battery offers FREE and paid versions. The free version allows you to control the state of the battery.

The battery charge and wear alarm functions help your smartphone to extend the life of the battery. Unlike other applications, the Accu-Check battery application measures the capacity of the battery in real time (in mAh).

Other features include an instantaneous display of “Remaining charge time” and “Remaining usage time”. The PRO version comes without irritating ads, provides battery statistics in detail, offers more themes and overlays of CPU usage in real time.

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