The best 20+ cloud storage services free

Are you having trouble deciding what free cloud storage service is right for you? Here we show the best services to help you decide.

1Mega - secure storage in the cloud 50Gb

MEGA offers 50 GB of free online data storage with support for sharing and charging on mobile devices.

MEGA users immediately get 50 GB of free storage space in the cloud. There is no way to earn more free space with MEGA, so you need a professional account if you want more.


- Instant access to 50 GB of free storage
- You can share folders with the public
- Supports multiple file / folder downloads as a ZIP file

- Allows loading from the mobile application
- Load entire folders using a browser
- You can control the speed of charges through the browser
- It allows to pause charges


- Limit bandwidth of 10 GB (it is reloaded every 30 minutes)
- No shared advanced links with password protection
- You can share a complete folder or individual files from your MEGA account so that anyone can download their shared content without the need for their own username and password.

Website: MEGA

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2Pcloud online storage 20Gb

pCloud is a free cloud storage service that offers 10 GB of space. The conditions can be met to increase it to 20 GB without cost.

Share folders and files with anyone, copy photos from social networks in your account and manage everything you have with each other with a mobile application, through a web interface and using a desktop program.

Anyone who registers with pCloud instantly gets 10 GB of free storage.

There are many things to do to earn more free space, such as inviting friends to create your own account and if you like the Facebook page of pCloud.

A total possible space of 20 GB can be used for free with pCloud after all the bonus options.


- Up to 20 GB of free storage
- No speed limit
- No limits on file size
- Easily filter all your files by type of images, audio, video, documents, etc.
- Upload entire folders through the website
- You can search through all your files from the website and the mobile application
- Share files with users other than pCloud
- Broadcast media files
- Add files from a remote URL
- Supports files offline
- Option for anyone to upload files to your account through a shared URL
- Send files to your account with a unique email address
- Connect to your account through WebDAV
- Backup of Facebook, Instagram and Picasa photos in pCloud
- Manage shared resources from the website, desktop software and mobile application
- Favorite folders for quick access
- Option to enable automatic uploads of photos / videos from the mobile application


- Shared files / folders can not be password protected

Website: Pcloud

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3Mediafire online storage 50Gb +

MediaFire is an online storage service that offers unlimited bandwidth, more than 50GB of free storage and easy access to upload and view your files on almost any device.

MediaFire will give you 10 GB in advance when you register for a free account.

There are some ways to get more free storage space, such as referring friends, downloading your software or posting MediaFire links on social networks.

In total, you can get a little more than 50 GB of free storage in the cloud.


- 10 GB of free storage instantly
- Upload files up to 25 GB
- No bandwidth limits
- You can share files and folders with anyone
- Mobile app
- You can import files from a URL
- Non-users can upload to your account


- You must log into your account once a year to avoid expiration
- Supported by ads
- There is no option for bandwidth control when uploading files

Website: MediaFire

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4Dropbox cloud storage 18Gb

Dropbox offers 2GB of free online storage with many methods to get more. View and upload files to multiple devices and share complete folders with anyone.

Everyone starts with 2 GB when registering on Dropbox. There are numerous ways to get more space, some simple and others that require a little more time.

In total, you can end up with around 18 GB of free storage with Dropbox.


- 2 GB of free space is allocated to each user
- You can get up to 18 GB of free storage
- Desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
- You can limit the upload / download bandwidth of file transfers
- Mobile application for several devices
- You can restore deleted files up to 30 days after they were deleted
- No file size upload limit when using desktop software
- Share files and folders with anyone
- Shared files can be downloaded as a ZIP file
- Easily keep track of shared files and folders from a single page


- Shared folders are disabled for a day if traffic exceeds 20 GB on a given day

Website: Dropbox

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5Box storage in the cloud 10Gb

Box (formerly is a cloud storage service that offers 10 GB of free storage for each user.

Box facilitates the editing and uploading of Microsoft Office documents into your online account.

Each Box user gets 10 GB of free storage. Sometimes there are opportunities to increase your free storage capacity. Visit the Box home page or your account to see these occurrences.


- 10 GB of free online storage space
- Perform an instant search of all your Box files from the mobile application and the desktop program
- Upload several images and video files from a mobile device
- Download a complete shared folder as a ZIP file
- Desktop application to load data
- The notes can be added together with the files
- Share files and folders even if the recipient does not have a Box account
- Enable offline access to your files from a mobile device
- You can configure two-factor authentication
- Option to share files and folders from the desktop software and the mobile application
- Google Docs and spreadsheets can be created directly from Box


- The loads can not exceed 250 MB in size
- Shared files can not be password protected
- Some functions only work if you upgrade to a paid version

Website: Box

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6FlipDrive 10Gb cloud storage

New FlipDrive users get 10GB of initial storage with the opportunity to get more for each friend they can refer to to start using FlipDrive.

There is no mobile or desktop program that can be installed to load files on FlipDrive, so the web version should be sufficient. Although you can load entire folders using the web, which is good.

You can share files with anyone, even if they do not have a FlipDrive account. However, a registered FlipDrive account is required to access shared folders. Recipients can receive write, edit, delete and share permissions, as well as read rights for folders.

You can create up to 10 shared links and upload files of up to 25 MB.

The FlipDrive website is not the easiest to use compared to most other cloud storage services, which is a pain, but it still works if you can work through it.

Website: FlipDrive

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7Google Drive 15Gb cloud storage

Google Drive is an online storage service that provides a word processor, a presentation and a spreadsheet program, creating a good alternative to Microsoft Office.

The highlight of Google Drive is that you will find that the menus and the interface are natural to use and everything is automatically saved online.

There are five sections in Google Drive. Docs (Word), Slides (PowerPoint) and Sheets (Excel) can be used as a replacement for Microsoft Office.

Also included are forms and drawings.

All sections of Google Drive store files in your Google account, which reach a maximum of 15 GB, either office documents or regular files such as images and music.


- Software download is not required
- Save in popular file formats
- 15 GB of free storage space
- Share files and folders with others
- Miniatures of documents before opening them
- Open a variety of file types
- Optionally, save and recover files from your account through a Windows or Mac desktop program
- Users of mobile devices can install the Google Drive application on their Android or iOS device
- Live spell checking for documents, slides, forms and drawings
- Activity monitor to track changes made to files
- Several people can edit one file at a time
- Live chat is supported when several people use the same file


- The spell checker must be started manually in Google Sheets
- Converted files have a size limit

Website: Google Drive

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