The best 17+ SEO plugins for WordPress and tools

If you have an online presence, optimizing for search engines has become a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization helps you beat the competition by being at the top of organic search results. There are more than 200 classification factors. Don’t worry, help is on its way.

Millions of users every day look for products, services and information. When they don’t have a specific website in mind, they turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

What is a search engine optimization?

When a specific set of factors is used to optimize website rankings, it is called SEO. The purpose of SEO is to raise your website or blog to the top of organic results.

The “organic SEO results” refer to the sites listed on the page that are not at the top due to paid advertising.

Search engines are used regularly by millions of people daily. You must make sure you appear near the top so you can find yourself.

Why SEO is critical for your website:

  • Reaching the top 5: most people looking do not look beyond the top 5 lists.
  • Trust – Users trust websites that have a high rank
  • Share social networks: people who visit sites they like often share them on their Facebook pages and other social media channels.

How do you do seo for wordpress sites?

With a WordPress site, you don’t need to be a Google SEO expert.

SEO can be extremely confusing for new and old website owners, since the procedures for maintaining good optimization are updated and improved almost continuously.

Today, SEO has changed dramatically for five years. It is almost unrecognizable to what it was more than a decade ago.

Fortunately, through all its changes, a fundamental idea has remained intact. That is the concept of the “keyword” or keyword theme.

The point is that, now that you have worked so hard to build your website, your future success should not depend on complicated coding or trial and error. In fact, in the absence of real experience, poor optimization can sometimes cause more damage than benefits.

For some website owners, their only option is to outsource their digital marketing.

However, thanks to the creativity and innovation of several WordPress plugin developers, there are now a variety of SEO plugins that can help website and blog owners.

Therefore, even with the ongoing challenge of creating quality content, you can keep all your information and data “at home.”

If you have tried to find the best WordPress SEO tool before and you were overwhelmed by the amount of options listed in a search, you can relax.

Here are the best SEO plugins for your WordPress website

17. Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Remove Query Strings from Static ResourcesDesigned to help improve speed scores, Deleting static Resource query strings will remove links that contain a “?” Or “&” within the HTML element. Examples of resources that will be optimized include the CSS and JS files. The plugin page on provides benchmarking tests for Pingdom and GTMetrix using the latest version of WordPress. The time to the first byte or TTFB is an area to focus on improving.

It has more than 100,000 facilities and has a rating of 4.5 / 5 with 77 evaluations.

Main Feature:

  • Deleting the query string: items that contain a “?” Or “&” are removed from static resources, and the parameters are encoded in the URL.

Download WP Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

16. SEO Optimized Images

SEO Optimized ImagesSEO optimized images allow the insertion of alt attributes and SEO-friendly titles in the images. Once a pattern is provided, the addon dynamically updates the alt and title tags without making changes to the database. Options for this data include image name, publication title and publication category.

The price of the premium version of SEO Optimized Images starts at $ 59 and adds features such as support for featured images and support for custom rules to add tags to images selectively.

The add-on has more than 10,000 downloads and is rated 4/5 with 21 revisions. Most positive reviews indicate a “light and effective” tool that works as designed.

Key Features:

  • SEO bulk image: dynamically add SEO friendly tags to images based on a pattern.
    No changes to the database: if the add-in is disabled, all image attributes return to their original state.

Download Seo Optimized Images

15. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant add-in for WordPress is not used as widely as some of the other add-ons we have seen so far, but it is still an important option to consider.

SEMrush has one of the best toolkits available online for SEO. The brand is an important name in the SEO industry, so I definitely wanted to include its complement in this list.

For this add-on to work, you need to have an account with SEMrush, which you can register for free if you don’t have one. The free account will give you access to a single template, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to the premium plan to use this add-on.

The addon analyzes your content and gives you scores based on how friendly it is for SEO. You will see text suggestions that will explain how to improve your content for SEO purposes.

With the writing assistant, you can also add your target keywords. The add-on will offer recommendations for you based on those keywords.

For a great WordPress SEO plugin that other websites do not take advantage of, definitely consider the SEMrush SEO Copywriting Assistant.

Download SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

14. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link CheckerSEO is not just about filling your pages and posts with a significant number of keywords. Nor is it just about making your content readable. One way to overcome the competition is to go through your site to eliminate broken links. When Google sees a broken link (also known as a link that leads to a 404 page), it sees this as a less than desirable user experience. After all, your customers have no interest in landing on an empty page.

The only problem is that it can take hours or days to review all your content to locate each broken link.

This gem does the dirty work for you by scanning the posts and pages of your blog. All broken links are revealed in a few minutes. The list is filled with the links in question, so you can go and delete them completely or change them for better references. If you keep the add-on active, continue searching your site and notifying you when a link is broken.

Once the links have been corrected, the list will be empty and Google will see that it maintains its site quite well.

Important: Due to the constant browsing functionality of this add-on, we recommend enabling it, reviewing and correcting your links in batches and then deactivating it again. This will ensure that it does not affect the performance of your site.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • You don’t even have to go to the post or page to change the broken link. All link modifications are made through the main complement page.
  • The WordPress SEO plugin has an option to search and filter links.
  • It is not just to find broken links in publications and pages. The plugin monitors comments, custom fields and more.
  • Missing images and redirects are also detected, basically, anything that can confuse a reader and make Google look less favorably on your website.
  • There is an optional feature to prevent search engines from following links that are broken on your site.

Download Broken Link Checker

13. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

Rel NoFollow CheckboxWhen linking to other pages and websites, it is important to realize that those links mean something to Google. The search engine wants to know the quality of those links along with the quality of the links that return to your site. The reason for this is that if you have hundreds of links that lead to spam sites, Google considers this to be manipulative and useless for users. This plugin is perfect for those of you with affiliate links.

One way to ensure that your links do not affect your rankings is to add “rel nofollow” attributes to all external links. In this way, the link does not influence the ranking of the external site. In short, it drives away advertisers who value those links for rankings.

Unfortunately, it is a problem to enter and add “rel nofollow” tags to all links in your content. However, the Rel. NoFollow Checkbox plug-in provides an additional checkbox to mark when creating links in WordPress.

Under the “Open a link in a new window / tab” checkbox, you will also find the “rel nofollow” option, which reduces the time you would have to spend working through HTML.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • It is lightweight, so your site stays fast.
  • You have the opportunity to improve your SEO without wasting an extraordinary amount of time in HTML (to find your links and add some code).
  • It makes the process much easier for non-coders.
  • Perfect complement for affiliate merchants.
  • The installation does not take more than a minute or two, and there is no configuration to configure.
  • You can quickly go through guest publications, or articles written by your writers, to make sure you don’t try to market certain products or companies without your permission.
  • If you are an affiliate marketer, you may also want to review a free link shortener add-on, such as Pretty Links, which can automatically add the nofollow attribute to your links.

Download Rel NoFollow Checkbox

12. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich SnippetsRich snippets are visual search items, such as star ratings, images and other important details that can capture the user’s attention by having something different from normal search results. Rich fragments are often used for the results of e-commerce product pages and blog post reviews. Google enjoys rich snippets because they are not so intrusive, but they can still reveal valuable information to the user.

There is no built-in method to offer WordPress-rich snippets, but the All-In-One Enriched Fragments plugin does the job for you.

With the complement, the results of your search engine are reduced to the most important elements. In addition, users see everything from photos to star ratings and author avatars.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • Google searches provide a more visual structure for users. Google likes this and also users.
  • The add-on is compatible with various types of content, including events, reviews, people, products, recipes and videos. So, for example, a recipe can have a star rating, the number of comments and a photo of the food.
  • The results of your search are easier to share on Facebook, since the correct information is already compiled.
  • If you do not have reviews on your site and simply need a lighter plug-in, we also recommend that you check the free schema plug-in.

Download All in One Schema Rich Snippets

11. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total CacheW3 Total Cache improves website performance by caching static copies of content and compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds. The add-on also reduces download times using features such as the integration of the content delivery network (CDN).

It provides an improvement of up to ten times the overall performance of WordPress sites and is designed to work with any web hosting service.

W3 Total Cache is currently in the 4.5 / 5 position with 3,900 revisions and more than one million downloads.

Key Features:

  • Progressive processing: pages begin to render quickly and can provide interaction sooner.
  • Bandwidth reduction: up to 80% reduction in bandwidth usage through minimization and compression.
  • Mobile applications: accelerated mobile page support (AMP).
  • Extended Site Caching: caching of feeds and search results pages.
  • Local caching: built-in browser caching controls.

Download W3 Total Cache

10. WP Rocket

WP RocketWP Rocket is a premium quality caching add-on designed to make your WordPress site load faster. But it also offers additional functionality like Image Lazy Loading and Database Optimization to improve page loading speed. Users love the fact that, unlike other caching add-ons, it is easy to configure and use.

Why is WP Rocket one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Slower loading times can kill the UX and conversion rates. For example, a delay of one second in page load time results in:

  • 11% less page visits
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • 7% conversion loss.

The easy-to-use interface of WP Rocket makes it easy to use and improves the performance and user experience of your site, since:

  • Compress all your HTML, CSS and JS files
  • Cache content for returning visitors
  • Optimize your database and Google sources
  • Integrates with all CDNs such as MaxCDN and Cloudflare
  • It improves the loading time of the page when loading images as users scroll down.

Download WP Rocket 

9. WP Smush

WP SmushWP Smush is the award-winning image optimization add-on for WordPress. It allows you to resize and compress all your images without loss of quality.

Why WP Smush is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

The images are usually the worst offenders at slow loading sites, so using WP Smush helps speed up your site, since:

  • Eliminate unused data without affecting image quality through ‘lossless’ compression
  • Resize images to your settings while compressing them
  • Optimize up to 50 images with a single click Bulk Smush
  • Allows loading images off the screen with the lazy charger

Download WP Smush 

8. Rankie

Rankie pluginsAs the name of the plugin indicates, Rankie tracks the rankings of the WordPress site on Google and updates the positions daily. It also has a research tool that uses Google search metrics to provide lists of related search terms.

Any new Google search term that leads to a site visit can be automatically added to the add-ons control panel.

Rankie is an exclusive add-on and has been purchased 2,352 times, with a rating of 4.55 / 5 out of 139 reviews.

Features include:

  • Keyword tracking: Google keyword ranking updated daily.
  • Ranking reports: monthly, annual or all-time reports that show keyword ranking trends.
  • Keyword Search: The search tool returns the searches suggested by Google when submitting variations on a keyword.

Download Rankie 

7. WP SEO Goal

WP Meta SEO pluginsThis add-on is really a set of WordPress tools to save time on SEO and mass editing tasks. With more than 20,000 installations and a 4.5 / 5 rating of 48 reviews, WP Meta SEO can probably replace a large number of add-ons.

The main functionality of this add-on focuses on the mass edition of website metadata in a single view. The changes are accompanied by a live SEO analysis to get real-time feedback on the impact of the changes. The paid version adds Google’s integration and several automated monitoring tools for website errors.

Key Features:

  • Mass editing: make changes throughout the site to metadata, including posts, pages, types of custom posts, image size and information, and SEO links.
  • Broken link checker: 404 error redirection and broken link audit.
  • Sitemap generator: Create and update XML and HTML site maps.
  • Breadcrumb Generator: create and control the display of bread crumbs of enriched fragments.

Download WP Meta SEO 

6. SEO Squirrly

SEO SquirrlySEO Squirrly is marketed for people who are not SEO experts. It lives up to that statement by offering a complete SEO suite without complicated elements. SEO Squirrly generates SEO recommendations differently than the other add-ons we have already described. You start writing on the subject of your article. The desired keyword is also pressed so that when you continue writing your content, a series of green lights will be activated in real time. It’s almost as if you have an expert who whispers in your ear as you write.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • Keyword optimization is done as you write the article. This is a little easier than Yoast, where you often have to save the article to see suggestions and results.
  • If you plan to replace an old SEO plugin for WordPress with Squirrly, it still retains all its settings from the previous configuration.
  • There is a tool that analyzes your competition to see how you can overcome it.
  • Squirrly includes content reports, which you can send to others in your organization. For example, a writer may need to learn more about SEO, so he can submit it after writing an article.
  • You receive weekly progress monitoring, along with a robust tool that shows recent tweets about your topics. This provides inspiration and ways to improve its content.

Download SEO Squirrly

5. Rank Math

Rank MathRank Math SEO is the Swiss army knife of SEO tools for your WordPress website. It includes everything you need to take full control of your SEO on the page. Rank Math combines the power of the multiple add-ons you may be using on your WordPress website for SEO and brings everything together in an easy-to-manage add-on that is also lightweight.

With Rank Math, you can manage SEO on the page of your publications, pages, products or other taxonomies. You can also control the noindex / nofollow / noarchive meta tags of all taxonomies in general and individual publications or pages in particular.

It integrates seamlessly with the Google Search Console to provide you with essential information within your WordPress admin panel. Information on what keywords you are ranking, how many search impressions your website is receiving, what errors Google sees on your site, etc., is available at a glance.

In addition, Rank Math comes with a built-in 404 monitor, redirects, rich snippets, local SEO, XML sitemaps, automated image SEO, internal link creation recommendations, etc.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • It is a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs.
  • Each publication / page / product is executed through an SEO analysis tool based on 40 factors.
  • The user interface is very clean and the options are easy to understand.
  • It gives you options to automatically add title or alt tags to missing images.
  • Rank Math comes with a 404 monitor to tell you where users see the errors.
  • It also comes with a redirect module that allows you to point those 404 errors to something a little more useful on your website.
  • The XML Sitemap module is included with Rank Math, and the add-in also ping search engines automatically once you make changes to your posts.
  • Rich Snippets support is included with an option to choose between 6 different types of fragments, such as article, product, recipes, events, video, local businesses, etc.
  • Bread crumbs are also part of the complement, so you don’t have to depend on another complement for that.
  • Support for Open Graph and Twitter card is included.

Download Rank Math

4. SEOPress

SEOPressSEOPress is a Freemium All In One SEO plugin for WordPress without ads. It is completely labeled blank, without fingerprints, even in the free version. It’s simple, fast and powerful, allowing you to manage all your titles and meta descriptions for posts / pages / types of posts / terms.

Create XML and HTML site maps, track your visitors with Google Analytics (with GDPR compatibility) and optimize tags (Open Graph and Twitter Cards) to share your content on social networks. The free version also provides content analysis to help webmasters better write SEO optimized posts. Developers can use more than 75 hooks to configure the plugin as they wish.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • There are no ads and your publishers will see a metabox without reference to SEOPress. The same in the administration bar.
  • It allows you to add Google Analytics tracking to your site in seconds. You can exclude user roles from tracking, configure custom dimensions, enable remarketing, demographic reports and interests, track PDF, DOCX, XLSX, downloads, IP anonymization, cross-domain tracking and more.
  • Quick and easy Twitter meta tags and Facebook open chart data.

SEOPress Download 

3. SEO Framework

SEO FrameworkThe SEO Framework plugin does the trick for those who want a fast and lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress without ads or additional sales. It eliminates some of the alarms and whistles you probably don’t need and focuses on helping those who are more concerned with keeping site speeds high and, at the same time, spend less time getting confused with SEO. It is often considered the best alternative to Yoast or SEO All in One, and that has a lot to do with the visual nature of SEO rankings, along with more flexible options for targeting keywords (such as words or synonyms) .

SEO publishing settings are controlled with a few tabs, one of which uses a color scale to show exactly how close you are to making your search post ready for the engine. With the scale, you can tell instantly where you need to put some work for your SEO, unlike some of the more messy versions of Yoast.

As you have already assumed, the interface is perfect for beginners. The API is also open for advanced users to get their hands dirty. The complement began as a project within the WPMUDEV community, but it was finally released to the masses for free. The SEO Framework plugin is all-inclusive and offers more advanced functionality with the help of extensions.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • The SEO framework sells you nothing. It matches most of the necessary features you find in Yoast and All in One, but you are not required to pay for extensions or premium features.
  • The visual and color meter / scale offers an easier way to use to verify if your post is going to perform well on Google.
  • It has a local SEO extension for companies that need to configure and display important local business information.
  • The spam extension of comments eliminates the need for an additional add-on.
  • Most SEO settings are preconfigured so there is little to configure after installing the plug-in.
  • While other add-ons use a focus keyword, The SEO Framework focuses on the focus issue to encourage more natural writing, and due to the fact that Google sees synonyms in SERPs as the same thing.

Download SEO Framework 

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO PackThe All in One SEO Pack add-on is the closest competitor to Yoast SEO, and is a perfectly viable option for those who want an almost complete set of SEO back-end tools. In addition, All in One SEO has offered premium features and support for a longer period of time, so you may find that paying for this add-on will give you more in return.

That said, the main complement of the SEO All in One package is free, but you can pay for that premium support. The developer also provides a commercial license (up to 10 sites) for a little more money per year and an agency license that would be for unlimited sites per year.

One of the main reasons why you might want to go with the premium version is the advanced support for WooCommerce. You will find all kinds of other great tools such as an SEO and SEO video module for custom categories, tags and taxonomies.

However, most startups and bloggers will at least start with the free plugin, which works immediately for beginners and also has an API for developers. It can be a bit intimidating and clumsy at times, but in general, most of the common features like sitemap support, Google Analytics support and advanced canonical URLs are set by default.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • The premium version has incredible customer support, which includes a knowledge center, premium support forums and video screencast.
  • It is worth examining the advanced WooCommerce support if you run an online store.
  • All site maps are automatically sent to places like Google and Bing.
  • All meta tags are generated automatically. You can also edit them yourself.
  • It works for both beginners and advanced users.
  • The add-on is translated into 57 languages, which makes it available for an important part of the world.
  • The features are almost the same as Yoast SEO, so if you like the All-In-One interface, do it.
  • It seems more affordable if you only have one site, but SEO All in One makes more sense for multi-site agencies and organizations.

Download All in One SEO Pack 

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by YoastIt is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins of all time. Yoast WordPress SEO is a comprehensive solution for all your SEO needs on the site.

It allows you to add SEO titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.

You can also write custom titles for your main site, files, categories and tags. It also adds Open Graph metadata, Twitter cards, sitemaps and ping search engines every time you update your site.

What makes it one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

  • Type keywords and analyze how well you have optimized for those keywords in pages and posts.
  • See exactly how the result of your Google search engine will look. With this, you can adjust the meta description and title to make it more attractive and rich in keywords.
  • A readability check is completed on all pages so you can understand if you need to divide the paragraphs or add items such as numbered lists or headings.
  • The add-on detects if you have duplicate content on your page or post.
  • Yoast has some of the best resources and support we have ever seen from an add-on developer.
  • They also update the plugin every two weeks.
  • The premium add-on provides a redirect manager, free support, content information and an interface without advertising on the server.

Download WordPress SEO by Yoast 

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