The 18+ best war strategy games for Android

1. War and Order

War and orderCamel Games, is a mobile game developer located in China. The game is called War and Order and is similar to Clash of Kings, a previous war game that was designed from quasi-static games such as Utopia, Populous and Civilization.

In this game you can have warriors like: Orc Knights, Elf Sages, Dragon Riders and others, you can create a massive fantasy army for HUGE battles.

Axes fly, dragons roar and fireballs explode as you face enemies from around the world in real time. Ask your allies to run on your horseback. Reward them with your immortal loyalty as you take castles, kill ogres and assume a new territory as a tribe.

THIS is the game that you cannot leave when your screen is illuminated with new battles, chats and constant updates.

Download: War and Order

2. March of Empires: War of Lords

March of Empires War of LordsMarch of Empires is an action game, but above all a strategy game based on design, which is also known to be a War of Lords game and that ultimately does all the positive things seen in a game of action strategy

The March of Empires game is really just a highly addictive strategy game that also gives its players the great opportunity to execute their own kingdom and also wage wars against their opponent who is also trying to destroy them.

As is the case with almost any other strategy game, March of Empires definitely has a fairly steep learning curve, so it can be a bit overwhelming for its new players and this is especially true for players who haven’t had or heard. from any previous experience with this basic type of strategy games. So I would say that, fortunately, to facilitate the learning curve for newcomers, the game comes with a really informative and deep tutorial sequence that takes place step by step.

Download: March of Empires: War of Lords

3. Army Men Strike

Army Men StrikeArmy Men Strike is a war strategy game with plastic army men and that takes place in a child’s room. Army Men Strike can be downloaded and played for free, but includes ads and purchases in the app. The Army Men Strike app is rated for players 12 years of age and older.

As the name implies, Army Men Strike is a war strategy game in which players use virtual army men to maneuver against opponents in campaigns.

Army Men Strike begins with a type of training camp where players are shown how to maneuver throughout the game, either to train weapons or to command troops.

Because players are using virtual plastic soldiers (or army men) from World War II, the weapons and equipment are from the same era, in addition to the war strategy.

Download:   Army Men Strike

4. Tactile Wars

Tactile WarsTactile Wars is a 2D online strategy war game developed and published by Ankama, the creators of the popular tactical PC MMORPG, Dofus and Wakfu.

Choose one of the 6 colors and wage war against the other 5 color factions. Customize your base with a variety of defenses and traps that you can unlock as you level up. Attack the enemy bases and lead your troops to victory in real-time strategic combat.

Move your troops by touching the screen and draw shapes to change their formation. Place defenses at your base such as mines, tanks, turrets and mercenaries to stop potential invaders. Improve your troops and scale the leaderboard consisting of four leagues. Experience a world with painting themes with beautiful graphics and visuals. Lead your troops to victory in this online strategy game.

Download: Tactile Wars

5. League of War: Mercenaries

League of War: Mercenaries

League of War: Mercenaries recently launched into a mobile market saturated with mobile games for city management and soldier collection. The turn of the mercenaries is that players collect units that deploy in real time on a battlefield, unlike the current king of the realm of mobile games, Clash Royale.

The Funzio army management game puts players in charge of maintaining a mercenary army. Players build their base and build the necessary buildings to cultivate resources over time and improve and unlock their army units. The units come in three types: tanks, reconnaissance (think of APC) and infantry, and are divided into color-coded specialties, but more about that in a moment.

Once players learn the basics of base building and unit management (which does not take long if they have ever played a mobile strategy game before), they are ready for their first battle. In League of War: Mercenaries, battles take place in the small field between two bases: yours and the enemy’s base. Players enter battles with a chosen group of units (ideally counteracting the enemy units shown before the battle begins) that they can deploy.

Download: League of War: Mercenaries

6. Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

There are tons of different types of games on mobile devices, but if strategy games are your thing, then it is worth checking out Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

This is a strategy game that focuses on modern warfare, since it takes place in 2037, and you end up equipped with soldiers, vehicles, equipment and other resources that are a bit more futuristic than is currently available in the world real.

Like all strategy games, the gameplay may seem a bit complex at first if you are not a fan of the genre for a long time and you know the strategy games, but in my short time with it so far, it has been shown that It is easier to understand than I would have imagined. This is thanks to the tutorial with which you start at the beginning that guides you through several steps on how to do certain things, how to build parts of your base and gather resources, as well as recruit different types of soldiers so you can send them to operations to tear down enemies.

Download: Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

7. War Empire: Roman Wars

War Empire Roman WarsIf you like history war games, you will definitely like this game too. In this simulation strategy game, you will build a city and an army and you will be like César.

You must have good defenses of the city so as not to be sacked by the surrounding players and create a strong attack army helps you destroy enemies, expand your empire and get the loot of other players. As emperor, you are responsible for both the construction of the city and the clash on the battlefield.

The game is a combination of a city builder and a battle strategy game.

Download: War Empire: Roman Wars

8. World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

World at War WW2 Strategy MMOBecome a general in the bloodiest and greatest war the world has experienced in World at War: WW2.

Create a base with WW2 technology, research new technologies and build your army.

Explore the great map of the world and move towards your opponents: rebel armies and other players.

World War II may have something of the past, but it still fascinates many people. That said, it constantly inspires developers to create games based on the era. One of those developers is eRepublik Labs, the people behind World at War WW2.

It’s your typical MMO strategy based on World War II, and you’ll have access to various technologies and weapons in the war-torn era. There are also cameos of important World War II figures in the game, such as the famous generals. With a cast loaded with MMO strategy games.

Download: World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

9. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is a medium core strategy game with more interaction, more action and a little more sparkle than you are used to. Of course, there are still buildings to build and timers to wait, but the fights themselves need a little more attention than you probably expected.

You play as the ruler of a kingdom built on a floating island, and one day you summon a titan to fight your enemies.

The first skirmishes serve as a tutorial and prepare you for the next large-scale war. You will learn how to move your units, how to change the path to which they are heading and how to use magical powers. All this is done with blows and blows that work very well.

Once the battles begin and all are stacked on the screen, it becomes more complicated, but this game has a level of control that you cannot find in most other games of this type. Being able to tell your troops exactly where to go.

The fact that you can control your units and have some participation in the outcome of a fight instead of relying on numbers makes this game stand out among similar games of the genre.

Download: Dawn of Titans

10. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: KingdomExperience a different version of the Total War series in Total War Battles: Kingdom, a multiplatform game based on the popular Medieval II: Total War game for PC.

Take control of your land as a newly emerged English nobleman and slowly build a kingdom that can propel you to the throne.

Establish cities, establish roads, build bridges and even terraform the land according to your needs.

Conquer other regions with bribes or demonstrating your battle skills. Submit the rowdy peasants, defeat the soldiers they leave, defeat the conquerors and face rival players using a variety of units, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Formulate strategies to dominate the battlefield and eventually be crowned ruler of all England.

Download: Total War in Total War Battles: Kingdom

11. CITADELS Medieval war strategy

CITADELSThis game will win the hearts of fans of the PVP military strategy with their unique adventures and game mechanics.

You will never get bored thanks to the diversity of playability: construction, wars and military campaigns, siege of castles and tower defense, battles for the throne with swords and spells, multiple missions and expeditions in the new world map of the game.

You can be part of a strong guild or find your own clan with their own artifacts, spells and unique military units.

Your goal is to defeat other players around the world with cunning and strategy. Both military tactics and the economy of your city should be part of your strategy.

You must start a new era of heroes. You have a whole kingdom at your command. You can build houses and bridges, surround them with walls and erect castles, one of which will eventually become a true citadel. You can concentrate on mining resources or develop an epic power.

Download: CITADELS

12. World at Arms

World at armsGameloft is a company known for its high quality games. Their titles usually look good, sometimes they are at the top of the chart lists. Unfortunately, they are also known as a company that tends to scam or copy other titles. Even if that is the case, nothing seems to stop this video game giant.

World at Arms, a new game giant title, promises world conquest, exciting action, city building and incredible graphics. It is certainly a fun game that looks good, and there is some city building, but in general it is not totally unique. Gameloft is good at games that do enough to stand out from the crowd, but they get so many titles that it’s hard to keep up with everyone. It is easier to describe the alignment of the game as solid, fun and a good deal.

World at Arms follows the typical Gameloft formula, which means that you know you will get a high quality experience for a very small price. At first, you will face a tutorial that shows you how to install some buildings and how to interact with your base, and then quickly launch it into combat. Combat is fun, facing you and the enemy on opposite sides of a battlefield. You fire automatically but occasionally fire a missile and you can even block incoming enemy saves by swiping the screen. It is a lovely combination of action, automated combat and the use of graphics and responses capable of the Nexus 7.

Download: World at Arms

13. Medieval Wars Free

Medieval Wars FreeYou guessed it, this game is set in medieval Europe. You will lead the armies of England and France, as well as the armies of the Crusaders in three campaigns.

The gameplay is the same as Strategy & Tactics: World War II and Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs. USA. It is very similar to Risk in the sense that you must eliminate other armies to take over the regions. You will not find explosions or incredible graphics, this is a pure strategy in hand-drawn maps.

You will have to make decisions based on the strength and / or weakness of your soldiers. Should you divide and conquer or keep them together? The battles will take place during the Norman Invasion, the Crusades, the Hundred Years War, the Reconquest, the War of the Roses, the Albigensian Crusade and the endless disturbances of the peasants. You can also play against friends in Hotseat mode.

Like the other editions, it is not an easy game, but if it is the first time you play, HeroCraft has a very complete tutorial to get you started.

Download: Medieval Wars Free

14. Empires and Allies

Empires and AlliesZynga, the giant of mobile games behind popular casual games like Words with Friends, Farmville and Draw Something, is using its latest title, Empires & Allies, to catch a new demographic group of players: fans of military strategy.

Empires & Allies takes the battles based on units and construction of bases that are in real-time strategy franchises like Starcraft or Command & Conquer and separates them into two different game systems that really synergize quite well. Unfortunately, Empires & Allies also has many of the familiar F2P traps that Zynga and many other mobile developers are infamous, which is a shame, since the game has a lot to love for an informal RTS fan.

One of the things that Empires & Allies manages to do very well is to take the family traps of the RTS genre and strip them of the essentials, making it an experience that even those who are not familiar with the RTS genre can enter.

They put you in the role of an unnamed commander in charge of leading a rebellion force against the evil GRA, a terrorist organization that has managed to constrain everyone in their iron control. This loose story is not meant to be anything other than a justification for why you are slowly conquering different regions of the world (it paints you as a liberator rather than as a conqueror) and, in that sense, it does its work admirably enough.

Download: Empires & Allies

15. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: CommanderThe launch of Star Wars: Commander must have been simple: it is Clash of Clans set in the Star Wars universe.

And, to be fair, why not? Clash of Clans has been a source of revenue for Supercell, generating more than half a million dollars per day in revenue from in-app purchases, which led the developer to nearly $ 1 billion in revenue in the last financial year.

By adding Star Wars to the mix, Disney can’t lose.

It is also a completely logical setting. Those who were not especially committed to the clan fantasy world will have the opportunity to build an army of stormtroopers in AT-AT, or rebels in X-Wings., And fight against the sand people and Jabba the Hut, and many other familiar faces of the original trilogy.

Download:   Star Wars: Commander

16. Battle Islands

Battle islandsThis is a battle simulation game with mild violence. It also contains social characteristics that will expose some kind of risks of sexting, intimidation and encounters with strangers.

The objective of the game is to build a base and infantry to defeat enemies in the battle in the style of World War II. There is no blood, but there is often intense cartoon violence that includes shooting and killing opponents.

At the end of the tutorial, players have access to the global chat by clicking on the two-way radio icon on the right side of the screen. You can also join an alliance immediately and a chat will appear for this group in the “alliance” tab on the chat screen.

While we were reviewing this game, we saw some intimidation and profanity in the chats. Players in alliances can easily form relationships and move conversations to another platform for greater privacy.

Download: Battle Islands

17. World War 3: European Wars

World War 3: European WarsTake your army to the conquest of Europe in World War III

Epic world war 3 is a free real-time strategy game! Conquer all of Europe!

Get ready to fight in the deadliest battles of World War 3 of the 21st century. In battles, full of monstrous military clashes with enemies. The rivalry forces have attacked your army and your base with military tanks, soldiers, Humvees and Rocket Tanks have turned it into a battlefield.

The enemies are in the fierce tanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. You, being the army general, need to destroy the mortal beasts in the best possible way and capture the enemy base by totally destroying their military forces.

Your European enemies have made an alliance against you and your president decided to invade Europe and the United States. However, it is very difficult to conquer all of Europe and the USA. UU.

Download: World War 3: European Wars

18. BattleTime

BattletimeNormally, when thinking about strategy games, your mind is likely to gravitate towards PC games of the 90s and genres such as real-time strategy and turn-based tactics. However, whether you like it or not, technology is at a point where most genres now run quite well on mobile devices.

In fact, many strategy games feel more like home on phones and tablets, especially since most of the genre is slower and does not require the contraction reflexes that touch screens have difficulty following. The games work best when they are optimized for the platform they are on.

BattleTime, presented by the developers of FoggyBus, is a fun Android strategy game with lots of color. Seriously, it is worth recommending this game based solely on your artistic style. It goes for an old school look, but not a derived style that is trying to simulate Minecraft or something. The aesthetic is similar to that of a PlayStation 1 game, but without the discomfort of “we can make 3D graphics now, but not really” of that era. It is lovely and guarantees that the game runs smoothly.

Download: BattleTime

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